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Cheap Date: Freshman Style

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Chicago is by no means an inexpensive city, and the cost of living here may take some of the newest Loyolans by surprise. Most freshmen have adapted to the ways of college life, including the increased independence and the need to budget money and spend it wisely. What is one area of your life in which quality should not decrease due to limited funds? Dating. College is filled with new and interesting people to get to know, and campus life provides plenty of courting opportunities that are budget-friendly and could potentially be a pretty good time.


Let’s be real: Lake Shore Dining doesn’t have pizza, and Simpson’s space allows for a more varied menu, so why not take your date to Simpson Dining? You can even scan your date in on your meal plan for that chivalrous effect — and hey, unlimited ice cream for both of you. If you want to get really fancy, you could even hit up Rambler Room, or better yet, Terry Food Court to use up those flex dollars and really show off for your date. Not looking for a full meal? You could always check out Connections Café in the IC between studying for a quick bonding session over coffee. Lickity Split is also a nice place to splurge for dessert afterwards.


((dop)) has tons of things to do for free on campus. You and your date can check out a movie on a Wednesday or Friday night, hit up Grocery Bingo or even take a $10 trip as a couple to the Willis Tower sometime. Besides school-sponsored events, U-Passes can take you nearly anywhere in the city, so a nice stroll downtown or window-shopping in one of Chicago’s unique neighborhoods are always good options. There are also plenty of open mics and cheap concerts that happen close to campus or a Red Line stop.

You don’t need to get expensive to impress your honey, but if you ask her on a date, make it feel special, like a real date (even if you never leave campus). Happy courting and best of luck, fellow freshmen!

By Melanie Krohn

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Ashley Iannantone is a senior biochemistry major with minors in neuroscience, Spanish, and biostatistics. A self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for journalism, this is her fourth year working for The PHOENIX and third year in the A&E section. When she's not hunkering down with a bowl of pasta, you can find her volunteering at St. Joseph Hospital or running along the lake shore path (so that she can eat more pasta).