Loyola tells owner of building near Baumhart to vacate

The Phoenix/Megan Carabelli
The Phoenix/Megan Carabelli

Chill Bar and Grill, located on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus at 829 N State St., is officially closing its doors on April 1 to move to a new location to make room for Loyola’s new Quinlan School of Business building, according to the owner.

The new building for the Quinlan School of Business will be 35 stories high, according to the Loyola Dispatch, and will contain retail spaces, apartments, parking and state-of-the-art classrooms. Workers will break ground this spring but before that happens, all tenants, including Chill Bar and Grill, have to move out.

The required relocation was no surprise to Chill Bar and Grill owner, Dean Proctor; however, he said that it did come sooner than expected. Plans for the bar’s new location are in progress, but there will be a small period of time that Chill will be closed.

“The issue for us is trying to find a location in the neighborhood because there is a feeling of endearment that is mutual between Loyola students, both undergrad[uate] and grad[uate], and us,” Proctor said.

Proctor was adamant about the bar operating the same way with regard to staff and menu options despite the relocation. He says prices of drinks and food options won’t change regardless of where they are located.

Moving the bar actually brings more expansion opportunities for Chill, according to Proctor.

“I want to increase the space, and I want to make sure it is very, very localized, given the target that we have and customer base that we’ve developed,” Proctor said.

Proctor insisted that Loyola has been extremely cordial and incredibly helpful in assisting them in finding new possible locations for the bar, particularly Wayne Magdziarz, senior vice president of capital planning, and Peter Buhl, senior property asset manager.

“We will potentially be working with [Magdziarz and Buhl] to come back here in a retail sense when the new building is finished,” Proctor said. “In the meantime, they are continuing to try to help us find space here in the neighborhood— space that they own.”

While Chill Bar and Grill will be on hiatus, Proctor promised to continue to post updates on the bar’s website and Facebook page. He does not have a specific date for return, but hopes to return within the next few months.

“We tried to put together an organization here that is price-pointed the right way, has really great food, a great environment and is managed by young, professional people,” Proctor said. “It took a while to put that together, and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

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