LU Wolf goes on a spring break vacation

Spring break 2013 has come to a close, but it was certainly memorable. My trip to Washington, D.C. was very enjoyable. I went on a tour of Georgetown’s campus. My new friend Jack the Bulldog showed me around the oldest Jesuit university in the country, and I must say, it was a very pretty campus. Jack is retiring after this year, but they are training JJ (Jack Jr.) to step in next year to be the official face of the Hoyas.

I also got to meet some of the nice Jesuits who live on the Georgetown campus. They take good care of Jack and JJ.  Jack has his own golf cart in which he is driven around to get to campus events.

After getting a ride around the campus in the gold cart, I wondered, why I don’t have one of my own?! Perhaps we can change that … I’m looking at you, administration!

Jack then took me to see the inside of Gaston Hall and the chapel on campus. I even got a picture of me with the statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola that Georgetown has outside their Admissions office.

We finished the tour with cupcakes at the local cupcake shop, and they were all very tasty! Jack then told me which of the monuments and museums to go to. Why don’t they have a mascot museum yet?

That’s enough about my escapades in our nation’s capital.

While I was having fun, we sent some speedy kids from our track team to compete in the Indoor Track and Field National Championship Meet. It’s a great chance for them to show the country why Loyola track and field is lapping the competition! They have worked hard and remained focused!

The softball season is now in full swing.  They have been playing pretty well thus far and are expected to finish first in the Horizon League. I’m certainly looking forward to conference play!

The men’s volleyball team lost a thriller to The Ohio State University last week.  The match went into five sets! They travel to Lewis University later this week to take on the Flyers. Hopefully we can return the loss they gave to us earlier in the season.

The regular season for basketball has come to a close. The men’s team couldn’t shake their Achilles heel Youngstown State University and lost their third game to them this season by two points. Ben Averkamp and Jordan Hicks will be sorely missed.  Good luck after graduation! Having said that, I cannot wait for next season.

The future for Loyola basketball is certainly bright! The women’s team finished third in the regular season and will be hosting a Horizon League Tournament game on Wednesday, March 15! As always, I’m at all the games, and I hope to see you there! Don’t be a stranger, you know I like high fives!!

Onward to victory Loyola U!


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