Second City Sports Bar: An opening day poem

April is upon us, Chicago begins its springtime thaw
All thoughts are turned to Wrigley and ivy, to the Cell and Southpaw
It’s been a century plus four since the Cubs have won the World Series
From Billy goats to day games, why they haven’t won has spawned many theories
And this won’t be the year the streak ends, that is for certain
But at least it’s accepted by all as the Cubs raise this season’s curtain
Meanwhile, on the South Side, last year’s collapse is fresh on the mind
The goal this year: to keep winning all day throughout the seasonal grind
A clubhouse led by Robin needs some consistent bats, man
To have Konerko, Dunn and Rios fight Father Time is part of the plan
They lose A.J. behind the dish and will try to replace him with Flowers
It’s still to be seen if he possesses A.J.’s instigator powers
Around the horn they’ll go Paulie, Beck, Alexei and Kepp
The outfield is De Aza, Dayan and Rios who hasn’t lost a step
Dunn, the DH, is like Casey at the Bat in the White Sox’s order
He flails at pitches often, but when he’s hot? A pitcher’s sleep disorder
The rotation should be solid at the top, even with the slow recovery of Danks
Sale and Peavy amongst 1-2 punches are in the top ranks
Meanwhile, on the North Side with young talent, the Cubs’ future’s looking swell
But this year, especially with injuries, could turn into a six-month hell
Theo has already said if they’re out of the playoff race, they’ll tank
No use in being .500, they’d rather have a top pick and have their record stank
The future is a little ways off, but the writing’s on the wall
Alfonso and Marmol will get traded and to the minor leagues the Cubs will call
Future stars Baez, Soler and Almora are down there, and B-Jax is for a short time too
Add a core of Starlin, Darwin and Rizzo, and there’s a bright future for the boys in blue
But that doesn’t help this season, and with pitching thin there’s not much hope
They’ll go with a former Notre Dame football star as their ace, then somehow try to cope
So by the end of the year, expecting the Sox to be just above .500 seems right
While the biggest story with the Cubs is if they’ll stay at Wrigley or to Rosemont take flight
And come October, somewhere in this favored land, maybe in D.C. or L.A.
Fans will be celebrating a world championship with all their troubles gone away
There will be laughter and cheers and smiles upon many a face
But for now that’s true of Chicago too, because in April the Cubs and Sox are still in the playoff race

by brendan bond

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