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Dining on the Line: Sauce and Bread Kitchen

Dining-on-the-LineLet’s start with a simple equation: Co-op Sauce + Crumb Bakery = Sauce and Bread Kitchen (SBK), Edgewater’s newest café.

Now let’s take a closer look at the variables: Co-op Sauce is a line of hot sauces produced by Co-op Image, a nonprofit after-school arts and culi- nary education program in Humboldt Park. Crumb Bakery is an organic bakery that uses seasonal and local produce to create breads and pastries.

BBQ pork nachos ($6)
BBQ pork nachos ($6)

The two come together at 6338/6340 N. Clark St. to form a locavore and organic-foodie’s dream come true, and serving up some top- notch sandwiches and baked goods.

Because SBK opened just last month, they’re still getting settled in. Currently it’s only open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

The store looks a lot bigger from the outside, but only half of their space is used for the café, while the other half is the production facility for Co-op Sauce. The decorations are quirky and colorful, and overall the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

The menu is constantly revolving, and bakery items depend on the day, so nearly every time you visit there will be something new to try. When I visited, the specials were a lamb sandwich and an inside-out chicken potpie.

turkey sandwich ($8)
Guajillo and tamarind smoked turkey breast sandwich ($8)

I decided to try the guajillo and tamarind smoked turkey breast sandwich ($8), my friend got the inside-out potpie special ($6) and we split BBQ pork nachos ($6).

The bread and sauce were my favorite parts of the sandwich (ironic, right?). The bread was a nice, crusty baguette with a fluffy inside that supported and complemented the ingredients inside perfectly. The feta spread was delicious, although I wish there was a tiny bit more of it because the flavor was a bit hidden underneath the turkey, bacon, and chow chow (a corn, onion and pickle relish). It’s served with a house-made citrus ginger pickle (a bit strange at first if you’re used to regular dill pickles, but good) and a spinach salad.

Inside-out chicken potpie ($7)
Inside-out chicken potpie ($6)

The inside-out chicken potpie was an interesting reconstruction of the classic dish. The sauce wasn’t the typical creamy white sauce, and the biscuit on the bottom was crunchier than a normal potpie crust, but overall the flavors were good and the only critique would be that there wasn’t enough of it to enjoy. Even for a higher price, a bigger portion would be appreciated.

The BBQ pork nachos, topped with the same relish from the sand- wich and poblano crema, were also fla vorful, but both the nachos and potpie had full cloves of garlic in their sauces, which was a bit unappealing.

After eating the same relish on the nachos and sandwich and same sauce (with the garlic cloves) on the pork nachos and chicken potpie, I felt a bit disappointed that different ingredients weren’t being used. I hope that after SBK gets settled in they can showcase some different flavors and maybe add more spread flavors.

Oatmeal cream cookies ($2 each)
Oatmeal cream cookies ($2 each)

For dessert we each had an oatmeal cream cookie, which are similar to Little Debbie oatmeal crème pies, but a thousand times better. The cookies were the perfect medium between soft and crunchy and had a very buttery taste. The cream in between had a but- tercream frosting texture and slight lemon flavor that was unexpected but refreshing.

Verdict: SBK is a welcomed addition to the Edgewater neighborhood. The local and organic ingredients combine into fresh dishes perfect for a flavor-packed lunch over the weekend.

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Ashley Iannantone is a senior biochemistry major with minors in neuroscience, Spanish, and biostatistics. A self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for journalism, this is her fourth year working for The PHOENIX and third year in the A&E section. When she's not hunkering down with a bowl of pasta, you can find her volunteering at St. Joseph Hospital or running along the lake shore path (so that she can eat more pasta).

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