Rambler Route will run as shuttle service for students

The Phoenix/Zach Zimmerman
The Phoenix/Zach Zimmerman

Students now have a new way to get around campus.

Loyola has begun a new pilot program called Rambler Route, a joint venture between USGA, Free Enterprise and campus transportation that provides students a safe ride to popular locations around campus.

The Rambler Route van starts at the parking garage and takes students to a number of popular drop-off locations determined by student phone calls received by the 8-Ride service. These locations include Fordham and Bellarmine Halls, as well as the corners of Glenwood and West Loyola Avenues, Lakewood and Devon Avenues, Granville and Winthrop Avenues, and Rosemont and Kenmore Avenues.

Incoming USGA President Pedro Guerrero and incoming Vice President Thomas Serena were quick to credit USGA senators as the source for this new initiative when asked about the joint effort.

“It was an initiative put forth mainly by our USGA senators which I thought was super crucial. It just affirms our role as the student voice because there were many different students who were involved in the making of the Rambler Route,” Guerrero said.

One of the things Serena wants students to remember is that the parking garage is the only place students can board the Rambler Route van.

“It goes in a circle, but it only picks up from one location and it drops off students within that circle, but it doesn’t pick up students as it goes along,” Serena said.

In order to facilitate this new program, Campus Transportation has brought in an extra van similar to those used for 8-Ride. This new van will be designated specifically for Rambler Route and will not be used for 8-Ride. Bringing in this new van will not only provide Rambler Route with its own vehicle, but it will keep from disrupting normal 8-Ride service.

Rambler Route is currently in its pilot stage with Monday, April 8 being the first day of service. According to Guerrero, this means that while the university is currently trying out this new service, there is no guarantee that Rambler Route will last. Because it is so early in the program, the number of riders is not yet known, he said. The cost for Rambler Route is also not available to The Phoenix at this time, and it is not known whether or not the service will factor into tuition fees in the future.

Guererro and Serena say the goal of Rambler Route is to lessen some of the congestion created at some of the more popular 8-Ride drop-off locations.

“A lot of students leave from the parking garage or in that general vicinity so it’s a spot that’s usually backed up and other places like Regis and Simpson which are high traffic because of freshmen, it’s a way for students to get dropped off close to where they want to be,” Serena said.

As Rambler Route goes through these early stages, USGA and the other organizations involved want to hear from the students about their opinions of this new service.

“It is currently in the pilot phases right now, so [the university doesn’t] know if they’re going to keep it. They are definitely accepting student contributions and comments about whether or not they keep it,” Guerrero said.

To share your thoughts on the new Rambler Route, e-mail Sarah Camargo at

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