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Dose of Dapper: Back to School

As summer is (unfortunately) drawing to a close, it’s back to the grindstone of school and extracurricular activities. Instead of spending our days at summer internships, we’ll be in class and hitting the books at the library. As opposed to spending our weekends soaking up the sun at Loyola Beach and watching fireworks at Navy Pier, we’ll be enjoying libations at 63 Bar and Grill or venturing to establishments farther south of RoPo (only if you’re 21, of course).


After a summer of business casual, it can be really easy to want to replace your pencil skirts or chinos with sweatpants. It’s definitely a slippery slope, so try not to slide down it. My cardinal rule of school fashion is to never wear sweatpants to class. Ever. Wearing sweatpants shows that you really put no effort into your appearance. If you wore it to bed, you shouldn’t be wearing it to class.

If comfort is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of alternatives that are just as comfy, but so much more visually appealing than sweatpants. Girls should check out yoga pants (NOT leggings) from retailers such as Victoria’s Secret or Lululemon. Guys, try track pants from brands like Adidas or Under Armour. You won’t have to sacrifice any comfort and you will avoid looking like you just pulled an all-nighter in the IC hopped up on way too much Red Bull while writing a research paper (even if that’s actually what you just did). So, why not take the 30 extra seconds to put on (semi-)real clothes in the morning?

I’ll be on the lookout this week for someone to be featured as next week’s Most Fashionable Rambler, so make sure you dress to impress! (Disclaimer: Wearing sweatpants or leggings automatically disqualifies you).

I hope everyone is off to a great (and well-dressed) start to a fantastic fall semester!

So until next time, Ramblers, stay dapper!

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Ashley Iannantone is a senior biochemistry major with minors in neuroscience, Spanish, and biostatistics. A self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for journalism, this is her fourth year working for The PHOENIX and third year in the A&E section. When she's not hunkering down with a bowl of pasta, you can find her volunteering at St. Joseph Hospital or running along the lake shore path (so that she can eat more pasta).

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