Students react to plans for new Starbucks locale

A new Starbucks is expected to be built at the corner of North Broadway and Devon Avenue this October, according to a member in the office of Alderman Harry Osterman, of the 48th ward, which covers much of Edgewater.

Planning for the new Starbucks location began in spring of 2013 and will include a drive-through, a walk-up window for ordering and an outdoor seasonal cafe with additional tables and seating, according to Sara Dinges, Osterman’s assistant.

The plan to add a new Starbucks has prompted positive feedback from students such as Zach Touraji, a 19-year-old, sophomore.

“I always have to buy my iced green tea lattes from the Starbucks near the downtown campus, but with the new location I’ll definitely be able to get them closer to home,” said the finance and accounting double major.

Although there is a Starbucks off campus on the corner of Sheridan Road and Columbia Avenue, senior psychology major Casey Anderson, 22, believes that the new location will attract more business while also deterring customers from local coffee shops.

“I think it will be bad for other coffee places, since Starbucks is such a huge business, it will attract more people just because of the name,” Anderson said.

Senior Elise Navarro, 21, doesn’t think the new Starbucks will change her routine, as she either brews her own coffee or heads to Metropolis Coffee (1039 W Granville Ave).

“Although Metropolis can be pretty expensive, it’s right down the street from me and I enjoy the fact that I’m supporting a local business,” said Navarro, a marketing major.

A difference that sets this new location apart from others is its planned design.

“We know that it’s made out of recycled box cars and that it’s a prefabricated structure, which means that it’s actually constructed off site and then it will be assembled at the location,” Dinges said of the soon-to-be built store.

 Reasons for building this location in that particular fashion are unknown, Dinges said.

Aside from its eco-friendly design, the new store could also provide local employment for Loyola students, Navarro said.

“I think it will be frequented by students especially, because for those students that feel that the Starbucks coffee served on Loyola’s campus is not up to their standards, then it would be beneficial for them to have a closer Starbucks off campus,” Navarro said.

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