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Oh No Fiasco brightens up Beat Kitchen Oct. 10


Dance-punk band Oh No Fiasco’s drummer, Colin Cunningham, told fans to expect “the most fun show you’ll ever see” in a previous interview with the Loyola Phoenix. After experiencing the band at Beat Kitchen on Oct. 10 for myself, the validity of his statement is not likely to be challenged any time soon.

The small-scale Beat Kitchen is located in Roscoe Village, just off the Paulina Brown Line stop. With a capacity of under 300 attendees, it has an intimate club atmosphere and allows for relaxed artist / fan interactions. A bar is in the entryway, serving beer on tap and an assortment of different bar food.

Doors for the show opened at 6:30 p.m. and promptly at 6:45 Oh No Fiasco assembled on stage. At this point, a little over half of the room was filled with fans of the heavier rock bands that were headlining this tour, such as Her Bright Skies and Modern Day Escape.

All photos courtesy of Alexandra Jonker

In the midst of the black-walled venue and darkly dressed fans, Oh No Fiasco appeared on stage in vibrant nerd chic attire, with lead singer Lindsey Stamey wearing polka dots and the remaining band members each sporting colorful argyle socks. Needless to say, they stood out and successfully commanded the attention of the room.

Being the first band to perform, the responsibility of stimulating the crowd was placed on their elegantly clad shoulders. Quite up to the task, the band filled its set with powerful bass-driven tunes accompanied with pulsing drums and the crystal clear vocals of Stamey.

Hit songs such as “Down” and “All Systems Go” energized the willing crowd.

The quality of musicianship was also on par, which reminded listeners that this is a polished band, with experience that shows. Throughout the set, sporadic jumping, miming and dancing added dramatic flair, reminiscent of old-school Panic! At The Disco performances.

The set was received with hearty applause and smiling faces, although some of the concert goers seemed unsure how to react to this unique type of music. It can be confidently said, however, that everyone appeared to thoroughly take delight in the show.

Afterwards, upon meeting the band members, I gained the impression that they are all incredibly inviting people who are in love with their craft. A constant vibe of care-free fun effervesces from the group and equally translates to the distinctive music they create.

One can only imagine the Oh No Fiasco shows to come, and I for one will be there.

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