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Fashion Spotlight: Caroline Simone

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The setting: Dubai, May of last year. The girl: young, excited designer, Caroline Simone. The final product: 20,000 Web visits in 24 hours.

The project was the opportunity of a lifetime and one that Simone is rightfully proud of. Last spring, she worked in collaboration with a Chicago fashion designer to create three looks, portraying three different faces of Dubai. After planning and styling a photo shoot and video, the rights to release the project were given to Simone, and the Internet release was an instant sensation, garnering thousands of viewers across the world.

But this accomplishment is not the only mark of Simone’s successful professional career.  As a Gloss Fashion magazine writer, project and event manager at Nelissa Carrillo Design, PR director at Ernest J French & Co, full-time student and online blogger, Simone is not your average Loyola student.

As a junior in college, she has already built up an impressive resume with no intentions of slowing down. Simone is currently pursuing majors in sociology and ad/PR, highlighting that her schooling helps with her writing not only in English, but also in Swedish.

The 20-year-old was born in Sweden, and her heritage is still very much a part of her life in the United States, as she writes for a Swedish fashion magazine and also publishes her blog bilingually.

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Simone started her personal blog in order to update her family and friends on her experiences during her freshman year of college in Rome as a part of Loyola’s RomeStarters program, and it has grown into much more over the the past two years.

This young fashion connoisseur and culinary enthusiast explains her blog’s evolution and speaks with obvious passion as she summarizes the contents of her online presence.

“Blogging is a way to express yourself,” Simone said. “I love to talk about fashion, about travels and about food because that is what defines me.”

On top of her regular entries on these topics, Simone also does special blog posts. Her upcoming project is especially exciting, as it has to do with the holiday season.

Beginning Dec. 1, Simone will write a holiday-themed segment in the format of an advent calendar. For those who have never used an advent calendar to aid the countdown to Christmas, the general idea is to open a window (or, in this case, browser tab) every day from the first to the 24th of December. Each window contains a different item, saying or picture.

Simone’s spin on the advent calendar hosts a daily Christmas-related post such as “10 presents to give your mother,” “Christmas playlists” and “Christmas games.

Simone is particularly excited about the giveaway posts that pop up within the 24 days, which will likely involve brands and stores online, in Chicago and in Sweden.

If readers don’t live in Sweden or Chicago, or even celebrate Christmas, no need to worry. Reading the posts is possible anywhere, and some of the giveaways can be redeemed online.

In order to get the holiday spirit started, check out Simone’s Christmas calendar segment, starting on Dec. 1. In the meantime, visit the blog for fashion inspiration, restaurant recommendations, international perspective and a creative approach to living.

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