Misconception Monday

The Phoenix/Sydney SouthIf you live in Baumhart, you have probably heard the rumor that Father Garanzini lives in the building’s penthouse. Who else could it be? Surely not Bruce Wayne.

But you may want to hold off on trying to swipe the elevator’s “all floor access” card. Crashing that penthouse party may not be what you expect.

“In terms of Baumhart, the penthouse, “PH” as listed on the elevators, is actually a mechanical room for Baumhart,” said Cass Coughlin, director of Residence Life. “It’s not a very special place—imagine a very clean mechanical room with a number of very clean machines that makes Baumhart and the Terry Student Center run.”

The penthouse may not be all that luxurious, but the Marquette Room—inconspicuously listed as floor 25 in the elevators—is just the opposite.

Coughlin said that this floor is used by the president’s office to host guests and special events. There is a decently sized kitchen, dining room, living room space and four apartments.

“Recently, this is the space where Very Reverend Adolfo Nicolás, S.J, superior general of the Society of Jesus, stayed during his visit to Loyola in late October,” Coughlin said.

Still hoping to run into the president? Coughlin cleared the air by saying that this space “is not his personal residence.”

It seems you have a better chance of running into Batman than crashing Garanzini’s party.

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