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Smile Empty Soul rocks Bottom Lounge Nov. 14


The Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake St.) was the host of hard rock trio Smile Empty Soul on Nov. 14. The band is currently touring the United States promoting its album Chemicals, which was released in October. The show also featured openers First Decree and Acidic.

Smile Empty Soul’s frontman, Sean Danielsen, marched onto the stage and took a little time to get the show started. The band’s hard rock sound was well-received by the audience members, who packed around the stage. Smile Empty Soul performed songs such as “Black and Blue” and “Balance” off its new album Chemicals.

The band took very little time between songs and trudged through its set. The crowd erupted with excitement when Danielsen announced that the band members would play their new single “False Alarm.”

After this, Smile Empty Soul performed “Nowhere Kids,” one of its’s first songs. The crowd responded by jumping around overwhelmingly with approval. Danielsen’s voice is very textured, and you could hear the emotion in his voice when he sang.

smileemptysoulThe audience was greeted with a nice surprise when the band covered “Dead and Bloated” by Stone Temple Pilots. It was the only cover the band performed throughout the concert.

Smile Empty Soul concluded its set by performing “Bottom of a Bottle,” the band’s most popular song. The audience responded by singing along, and Danielsen added his own flavor by adding a guitar solo to conclude the song.

Danielsen and the other band members gave fans the opportunity to hang out with them when they stuck around in the crowd after the show.

First Decree rocked as an opening act, putting on a good show. Unfamiliar with the band beforehand, I watched it perform songs off its new LP, Set In Stone, which was released earlier this month. The band’s front man’s smooth vocals were highlighted when he sang and the lead guitarist displayed his talent with a powerful guitar solo during the first song. The crowd was singing along to the band’s final song, “Rain,” with lyrics such as “Thanks for this moment, I’ll always remember” and a catchy guitar riff.

Acidic, an alternative band from Los Angeles, Calif. performed songs from its album Copper Man during its set. The band’s frontman, Michael Gossard, told the audience about the first time the band members were arrested for marijuana possession and how it inspired the song “Copper Man” before performing it. Gossard came out into the crowd to perform the band’s final song, which was a cover of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues.”

The Bottom Lounge was full of hard rock on Nov. 14, and fans experienced passionate performances by all of the bands present.

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