Update: Civil union

On Nov. 20 Governor Pat Quinn is set to sign a bill that will make same-sex marriage legal in the state of Illinois. Under the conditions of the law, same-sex marriage ceremonies cannot take place until June 1.

Right now Loyola allows any marriage recognized by the state of Illinois to hold a ceremony on its campuses. Unless it changes that policy, same-sex marriages will be permitted on Loyola’s campuses.

Maeve Kiley, the director of communications for Loyola, said that while Loyola has not yet changed its policy, it is considering it.

“Everyone that [hosts] wedding ceremonies right now has seven to eight months to figure out what they’re going to do,” Kiley said.

Christine Irvine, a 26-year-old junior visual communication major, had approached Loyola about holding her civil union ceremony on campus, which was reported in the Sept. 25 issue of The PHOENIX. Irvine’s request was denied, and she and her fiancee have gone ahead with their wedding planning off-campus.

“We are open to [holding our ceremony on campus] but at the same time we are moving along in our wedding plans,” Irvine said. “We are planning on being married in June so we did start looking at other venues.”

Irvine said she hopes Loyola will use this opportunity to live up to its Jesuit values of inclusion.

“It seems like a great opportunity for Loyola to actually stand in line with the reason that they gave when I had asked to host our ceremony there,” Irvine said. “And also to stand in line with their values of being accepting and so if they choose to ban marriage ceremonies from the rest of campus because of this law I think that that is a missed opportunity and really unfortunate.”

Kiley said that while no decisions have been made, Loyola will analyze the situation and make any changes it feels necessary.

“We are assessing our guidelines right now. … If he signs the bill on the 20th we will have until June to actually implement [new guidelines].”

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