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A Farewell from your favorite PHOENIX staff writer and editor

Friends and enemies – women and children – boys and men – mothers, fathers, sisters, brethren: It is through teary, weathered eyes that I write this, my final article of the school year for the Loyola Phoenix.

I know what you’re thinking: “What will we do without this amazing writer? This gem of the PHOENIX staff and of Loyola University?” And to that, I have no answer. I cannot possibly begin to imagine what you’re going through, and I must express my sincerest condolences.

However, I will not say goodbye without giving you something to hold onto as we desperately sail through the ruthless and unrelenting gale of time, each of us destined to eventually sink and drown.

This loose handle, a grip upon your poorly constructed ship that I’m giving to you, once served me well – it is a playlist, although no ordinary one. Rather, it is a playlist of songs that I’ve listened to and loved throughout my years here as a Loyola student. So, without further ado, let’s go on a trip through the annals of time:

Freshman Year

Had you been at Loyola between 2010 and 2011, you might have been one of the many to have fallen in love with a tall, slender and good-looking boy that walked/skipped around campus listening to Sugar Ray. Of course, that naive idiot is dead now, replaced by what some might call “a horrendous-looking pensioner who’s too wise for his own good with eyes black as coal.”

The first friends

Although the boy is gone, his music isn’t. Here are the songs he discovered and loved during that sheltered, exciting time of life.

The National, “Conversation 16”

Tame Impala, “Alter Ego”

Deerhunter, “Helicopter”

Gorillaz, “Some Kind of Nature (feat. Lou Reed)”

Hot Chip, “Ready for the Floor”

Arcade Fire, “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

LCD Soundsystem, “I Can Change”

Kanye West, “Monster”

Sophomore Year:

I was cool then: established with friends that I thought would be around forever (how wrong I was), living in a magical dorm where anything goes called Georgetown. Along with the people I was meeting, my music taste became increasingly more strange, definitely a consequence of the former. I also went to the Pitchfork Music Festival that summer and it changed everything.

Last night of sophomore year

I guess what’s most reflective of this time is how little I remember what I was listening to. After all, I did live on the top floor of Georgetown. Here’s some of what I recall:

        Wolf Parade, “Language City”

            Cut Copy, “Corner of the Sky”

            Fleet Foxes, “Grown Ocean”

            Twin Shadow, “When We’re Dancing”

            Dr. Dog, “Where’d All The Time Go?”

Whatever you do, be sure to study abroad

Junior Year:

Junior year was a time of great personal expansion – and by this I mean I finally moved out of student housing and into an apartment on the 17th floor of a little place called Granville Apartments. From our high tower, my roommate and I could (and would) blast the following tunes while gyrating in front of windows at the ants down below. It was the most invigorating power rush I’ve ever had.

            Real Estate, “It’s Real”

            Destroyer, “Kaputt”

            Ducktails, “Letter of Intent”

            Beach Fossils, “Fall Right In”

            Tame Impala, “Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control”

            Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Round and Round”

            Wild Nothing, Only Heather

Your amazing PHOENIX staff

Senior Year:

This was the year that, through an expansive, exhausting search that lasted weeks, the Loyola PHOENIX finally hired its ideal Assistant Diversions Editor: me. Hence, it’s been one of the best years I could ever ask for – because of this job I’ve found myself going to concerts for free and talking to celebrities such as Johnny Knoxville. It gave me a ton of opportunities to explore the city, expand my music knowledge into a much broader spectrum, and most importantly work with an amazing and inspiring group of people who put up with my jokes and that I’ll never forget (cue SNL sign-off music).

And so, I’d like to thank “Mr.” Devin MacDonald (Editor-in-Chief) for being such an amazing boss and generally fantastic person who anyone could wish to be as genuine and nice as she is, you couldn’t ask for anyone better; Ashley Iannantone (Diversions Editor), who, uhhh, well … she’s good (jk), she’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met; everyone else on the staff for being themselves, and finally my friends and family who all managed to get through an article of mine and tried their best not to grimace when I asked them if they liked what they read. Finally, I’d like to thank anyone that has picked up an issue of The PHOENIX and read something – there are a lot of people that work their hardest on these each week!

Wooo! Enough of that- here’s the list.

Sister Crystals, “White”

Twin Peaks, “Fast Eddie”

Diarrhea Planet, “Kids”

Blood Orange, “Sutphin Boulevard”

Future Islands, “Seasons”

Love, “Alone Again Or”

Holy Ghost, “Dance a Little Closer”

Thanks everyone, best of luck to you in everything.

Older and wiser?
Older and wiser?


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