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Fashion Forecast: Summer 2014

We’ve been patient all year and now its finally time to shed our layers, put away our winter coats and embrace the summer sun. When it comes to this season’s fashion, that doesn’t mean you can just throw on a bathing suit, flip-flops and be set — there’s much more style that can go into a summer ensemble. Here are some tips to keep you looking your best all summer long that can be applied for both guys and girls:

Find Floral:

Keep wearing your best floral fashions into summer. For guys, those Hawaiian tropic prints are laid back and cool, and girls can incorporate the pattern just about anywhere in their look.

Keep it Simple:

Less is more this summer. Light layers and minimal accessories keep you looking sophisticated and polished. Don’t bog down your look with too much jewelry or extra pieces. Summer is all about keeping life as simple as can be, and fashion is no exception.

Linen Layers:

Linen is a great fabric to wear this season. It’s lightweight and breezy, perfect for both a summer day and night look in the Windy City. Guys can wear button-downs while girls can sport linen T-shirts or cardigans.

Denim Days:

Denim will always be worn yearlong, so what kind can you rock during the hottest months? Chambray shirts for guys and light wash jeans for girls go great with almost anything.

Investment Pieces:

Grabbing a handful of key pieces will be the best way to create your best summer wardrobe. Some of the best summer staples include white jeans, your best sunglasses, a great pair of sandals or wedges and, of course, a killer bathing suit.

Remember that even though its summer, you can still look your best by the pool. Use these tips and incorporate your own personal style and you’ll be having your most fashionable summer yet. Have a stylish summer, Ramblers!

For more fashion advice from T.W. on how to achieve your best summer look, head over to wittandstyle.com.

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