Five must-read opinion articles from around the web (9/3/14)

Art by Jack Ciolli

Here are five must-read opinion articles from around the web.

“Help Families from Day 1” by Clare Huntington (New York Times)

  • Huntington explains that to reduce the income-influenced achievement gap, society must help keep families together.

“Why Muslims must challenge ISIS atrocities, propaganda” by Charlie Cooper (CNN)

  • Muslim countries, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, must help the West to combat ISIS, if any meaningful gains are to be made, according to Cooper.

“Just whose labor are we protecting?” by Richard Lamm (The Denver Post)

  • Lamm states that to make make progress on reducing the unemployment rate the U.S. has to limit immigration.

“How about ice bucket for sickle cell?” by Kunmi Sobowale (USA Today)

  • Sobowale asks why sickle cell, which affects more than twice as many Americans than ALS, does not have a fundraising effort.

“A Muslim inmate’s beard isn’t a security risk. It’s his constitutional right” by Dawud Walid (The Guardian)

  • Forbidding beards among inmates is a violation of their rights under the First Amendment, says Walid.

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