Southside Market closes for Residence Life expansion

Students on the south side of Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus must now walk a little further to buy groceries. Despite remodeled facilities and new services, the Southside Market convenience store will no longer be serving students in the Simpson Learning Living Center.

Unified Student Government Association (USGA) sophomore senator Michael Flowers said the market has officially closed, but parts of it have been moved to the Damen Food Court. The space where Southside Market was originally held will be used for new offices. Flowers said that the decision ultimately came from capital planning.

Wayne Magdziarz, senior vice-president for capital planning, said the space the market occupied will be used for new Residence Life and Lakeshore management offices. There are also plans in place for a new store, he said.

“ The new Southside Market will be located on the west side [of Simpson] near the entrance to the dining hall,” Magdziarz said. “If it’s not done by the spring semester we hope to have it done by next year.”

With Residence Life and Lakeshore Management side by side, Magdziarz said students will have a one-stop place for students with questions regarding housing.

“Whether it is freshmen and sophomores talking about dorm life, or juniors and seniors looking for apartments, it is a single stop they can go to have all their housing-related questions answered,” he said.

At Southside Market students could buy food, toiletries and other dorm supplies with cash, credit, debit or flex dollars. Last semester, Aramark also launched Southside Market Express, a way for students to have goods delivered from the market to their dorm in Baumhart Hall.

The program is not currently running, and there are no plans to bring it back, said Flowers, an information systems and management major, who serves as chair of the Residents, Commuters and Dining USGA committee.

While most students did not rely on the market, many on the south side of campus are put off by the change.

“Since I live on the south side of campus, this change is a little inconvenient. It was a good place to get a snack, but it’s not like I grocery shopped there,” said 20-year-old Jack Williams, a junior double majoring in history and political science.

“Now that it’s gone, it’s really inconvenient to go to Damen. Now I have to coordinate my whole day around going to the store,” said Hannah Speights, a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in political science and women’s and gender studies.

Sophomore Christie Kochis said Southside Market was a good place for her as a freshman to get food items that were easy to prepare in her dorm.

“Now that it’s gone, some students may have to travel farther to get what they need,” said the 19-year-old management and environmental studies double major.

Flowers said Aramark employees who worked at Southside Market still work at Loyola. They have either been reassigned to Damen Food Court or Rambler Express cafe, located across from The Den in the new Damen addition.

“I understand that some students have been spending a lot of money at the Southside Market and can’t now,” Flowers said. “It wasn’t Aramark’s decision. They are very committed to opening another market.”

Now that Southside Market is closed, students have to find somewhere else to buy Ben & Jerry’s for those late-night cravings. Here are some close alternatives:


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