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Stick with the basics at Waffles Cafe

Waffle Flight ($13.95).
All photos courtesy of Regina Merrill

Always on the lookout for restaurants with creative concepts, I came across Waffles Cafe and decided to give it a try.

Located off the Addison stop with an additional location downtown, Waffles Cafe (3611 N Broadway) unsurprisingly specializes in unique waffle creations.

The cafe has a clean red and white color scheme, giving it a modern-diner feel. All of the tables have a chalkboard surface, where you can doodle while you wait for your food. After my two friends and I sat down, someone quickly came over to take our drink orders, but it was a while before our server came back for the rest of our order.

"Wonut" at Waffles
Oreo “Wonut” ($2.75)

The menu offers both sweet and savory waffles, and at first I had a difficult time picking which one I wanted to try.

Then I noticed the Waffle Flight ($13.95), which would allow me to try mini versions of the red velvet, green tea, Mexican chocolate and Liege waffles. One of my friends went for a savory waffle, ordering the ham and cheese ($10.95), and the other ordered pancakes with Nutella ($10.95). Despite slow service in the beginning, our food came out fairly quickly.

Out of the mini-versions of waffles I tried, the Mexican chocolate and Liege were my favorites.

The Mexican chocolate waffle was topped with shaved dark chocolate and orange vanilla whipped cream.  The flavors blended well without being too sweet.

The Liege waffle, which is a specific type of waffle that is sweeter and chewier than a normal waffle, was served with a delicious warm apple compote. It may have been one of the simpler waffles on the plate, but the pure taste was refreshing.

Ham and cheese waffles ($)
Ham and cheese waffles ($10.95)

The red velvet waffle was nothing particularly special, but if you’re a big fan of red velvet cake (which I am not), it may be more exciting. Unfortunately, I found the green tea waffle inedible. Nothing balanced the flavor of the green tea, and it was rather bitter. Because of this, I would suggest foregoing the pricier Waffle Flight and sticking to one type of waffle, such as the Liege ($7.95).

The ham and cheese waffle was pretty rich, but my friend said the sweet waffle used as the base did not blend well with the sharp flavors of the cheese and ham. My other friend did enjoy his Nutella pancakes quite a bit, though.

Noticing a chalkboard advertising “wonuts,” a donut made in a waffle maker, we decided to split one at the end of our meal (who said breakfast shouldn’t involve dessert?).

There were multiple flavors, ranging from birthday cake to cinnamon sugar to Mexican chocolate and blueberry. We settled on the Oreo variety ($2.75). It was an interesting concept, but it was a little dry and we all agreed we could have survived without it.

At the end of the meal, it took a while for our server to return with our checks, even though the restaurant wasn’t too busy.

Service issues, as well as hit-or-miss menu items, don’t make Waffles Cafe a standout place, but if you find yourself in Addison, it’s definitely worth a visit for the fun atmosphere and a good, basic waffle.

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