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Talented golfer captains youthful team

Senior and team captain Alex Meyers is playing her last year at a Rambler. Photo courtesy of Steve Woltmann

Loyola’s Director of Golf, Kyle Stefan, realizes each and every player is vital to his squad, but he also knows that the success of his inexperienced underclassmen will depend heavily on his veterans.

“In college sports, in general, you are only as good as your seniors,” Stefan said.

That’s where Alex Meyers, the senior captain of the women’s golf team, comes in. The Columbus, Ohio, native has had success as a Rambler ever since her freshman year at Loyola.

In her first seven events as a freshman starter in 2011, she finished in the top 10 each time and posted a combined scoring average of 81.4 strokes per round. Finding continual success the next two seasons, she has steadily become one of Loyola’s most consistent golfers, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

“For my senior year, I just want to have the best year yet,” Meyers said. “I’ve always had a personal goal to have a round in the 60s and to put myself in a good position where I can place in the top 10 in tournaments.”

Meyers has yet to break the top 10 in her first three tournaments this year; however, her scoring average of 82.4 has already sur- passed the average of her junior year. Moreover, her season low of 76 was good enough for the second lowest total on her team.

Although Meyers has individual goals for her farewell season, she understands that being the only senior as well as team captain means she needs to help her teammates improve their ability on the course as well. And, of course, she wants to make sure to enjoy the unforgettable experiences they will have off the course.

“The biggest thing I try to guide the underclassmen with is that even when you’re tired from workouts, you have to enjoy it and be thankful,” Meyers said. “It all goes by way too fast.”

With five out of eight girls on the team being underclassmen, Meyers knows the players will need guidance to help better them as both players and people. However, there is one underclassman who Meyers carries an unavoidable yet productive bias toward.

Natalie Meyers, a sophomore on the Ramblers’ golf team, is the younger sister of the senior captain. Having a younger sister on a team you captain may seem distracting and unfair to some, but Meyers only recognizes the positive aspects for both herself and her sister.

“I absolutely love having my sister on the team. Natalie and I have a really special relationship,” said the elder Meyers. “She’s been my teammate my whole life and that hasn’t changed now that we’re in college.”

The mentor-like persona Meyers has created seems to positively affect the Ramblers in the results column. In the first three tournaments, the women’s golf team racked up two team wins and five top-three finishes, all of which were achieved by underclassmen. Stefan is very content with his season thus far, as well as the help he has received from his senior captain.

“Alex has great leadership qualities and work ethic on the golf course. She has a lot of ability and we as coaches have a lot of belief in those abilities,” Stefan said.

While the coaching staff may be asking a lot from Meyers, they have full trust and faith in her. With three tournaments left in the fall season, Meyers looks to achieve some of the individual goals she has set for herself. Although she may not fulfill them all, it is safe to say that Alex Meyers has already left an impactful mark on Loyola’s golf program.

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