Valentine’s Day 101

We’re a month and a half into the semester, already bogged down with tests, papers and exams. Who has time for love? You do, that’s who. What better way to mix romance and academics this Valentine’s Day than by giving your special someone a gift tailored to his or her major? The PHOENIX is here to help. 

Dating a biology major? 

Give her your heart. Literally. Rip it out of your chest to show your “undying” love for her.

Asking out an accounting major? 

Give him all your taxes to file. Nothing like a little number crunching to get in the mood.

Have the hots for a history major? 

Embody Nicolas Cage and steal the Declaration of Independence for her.

Interested in an international studies major? 

You don’t need to pay for an expensive vacation. Put lipstick stamps on his passport — and throw in a couple Colossus tickets while you’re at it.

Want a date with a journalism major? 

Splurge on a venti cappuccino for her. She’s going to have to stay up all night — and not just to meet a deadline.

Taking out a theology major? 

Probably not. #abstinence

Going out with a political science major? 

Give her a phone complete with a wiretap. Have your own Watergate scandal right at home.

Necking a nursing major? 

Definitely don’t give him no scrubs because you don’t want no scrub.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ramblers. And remember, an academic-based gift is the best way into any student’s heart. 

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