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Joaq the Walk: Joaq Walks His Final Walk

I hate goodbyes.

I’m not good with them. Never have been. Never will be. I don’t like the finality. I hate to think there is a last time for anything.

So I tend to act as if it’s just any other day. My way of thinking is that my life is not divided into chapters; instead, it is just one long run-on sentence that periodically shifts from one subject to another.

Don’t worry, I won’t model my last column after that way of thinking. And even if I tried, my superior editors would burn me at the proverbial stake. Actually, they might burn me on a literal stake. God knows I’ve pissed them off enough times.

But I would like to say I’ve had an unbelievable time being a sports editor this past year.

It was not something I originally planned on doing, as I am more focused on a career in broadcast. But, I don’t regret my decision to join The Phoenix staff one bit.

I have had an absolutely splendid time working with everyone in the newsroom (“working with everyone” really means my fellow phoenixes have tolerated my inane comments and childish behavior around the newsroom).

What’s more, I believe we have produced an extremely high-quality paper for you guys this year. At least I hope you guys think so. Either way, I’m really proud of the staff and all they’ve accomplished.

Except for Nader, my “assistant” sports editor.

His psychological issues really took a toll on me mentally. Being forced to endure countless hours on the computer next to a person with such sheer incompetence and, quite frankly, stupidity tends to lower the IQ. And the constant tapping of his foot on my chair. Dear God. His existence is one thing I won’t miss.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of being sports editor, however, is having the freedom to write about whatever topic I choose.

I would like to thank you for putting up with my rants as well as my sense of humor, which I consider to be iconic but most consider to be atrocious. 

More importantly, I hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Loyola sports. These are exciting times in Rambler athletics. We’ve seen growth across all sports, and the men’s basketball CBI championship season was particularly enjoyable to cover.

All right, well, I’ve run up my word count, so I have to wrap up my final column. While my run at The Phoenix may be over, I won’t say goodbye.

I’m sure I’ll see y’all later.

Disclaimer: Nader is actually the co-sports editor (for some reason many people believed me to be his superior) and a pleasure to work with. I consider him a good friend and am very excited to see where he will take the section next year. 

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