SGLC Referenda 101

Ellen Bauch // The PHOENIX

Although the Magis Scholarship and Metropolis Coffee referenda received the majority of student votes (70 percent and 85 percent, respectively), their future is still uncertain. Here’s what’s up next for the two initiatives.

What happens after students vote for referenda?

Now that the referenda have been approved by student voters, they carry the same weight as a resolution –– which is essentially the official opinion of the student body. There are two possible options for the referenda now: The University Senate could debate and vote on the initiatives or Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) will keep working with administrators to implement the measures.

What’s the plan for the Magis referendum?

“What comes next is the fight,” said SGLC President Michael Fasullo. “What we have to do is ensure that this is implemented. This will happen through the Board of Trustees’ Finance Committee, which will vote on it in December.”

Former SGLC President Flavio Bravo said he will be working to circulate the story nationwide and preparing a formal proposal to present at the Board of Trustees meeting in June.

What’s next for the Metropolis referendum?

“There is a chance that the legislation and referendum will go to University Senate as we simultaneously negotiate the initiative, since both the legislation and the vote affect Aramark more than the university,” said junior Melinda Bunnage, one of the SGLC senators who started the initiative. “Through our work this semester, Aramark and Metropolis have begun to repair their relationship, meaning that there is a lot of hope moving forward. However, it might be a while until we see Metropolis as Loyola’s official coffee vendor. This was a very important first step in that direction.”

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