Where to Grocery Shop Around Campus

From organic produce to cheap major brands, there are many alternatives to dining hall food

After eating prepared food in the dining halls for several weeks, students may find themselves craving something homemade. They’re in luck — there are many local stores where students can pick up their favorite fresh ingredients.

Go Grocer (6435 N. Sheridan Road)

Go Grocer opened this past April and has a wide selection of all-natural groceries and craft beer.

Senior health systems management major Marta Makowski said she enjoys shopping at Go Grocer when she wants a healthy meal.

“It’s awesome because it has a lot of gluten-free, vegan and other healthy products,” said Makowski, 21.  “Personally it is a tad bit overpriced, but sometimes it’s nice to splurge for a few organic products.”

Go Grocer is also one of the off-campus retailers that accepts Rambler Bucks.      

Aldi (6221 N. Broadway)  

Aldi is located on Broadway, just past the mailroom, and is known for its affordable, generic-brand products.  The chain sells bread for less than $1 and off-brand Oreos, peanut butter and potato chips for $1.49 each.

“Aldi is a generic-brand store, but most things are just as delicious and it fits my college budget,” said sophomore sociology and communication studies double major Addison Mauck.  “Anytime I need groceries or snacks, I head to Aldi.”    

When shopping at Aldi, remember to bring your own bags because the store charges a small fee to use its reusable bags.  

CVS (6510 N. Sheridan Road)

For quick snacks when the dining halls close, in between classes or just to have in the dorms, students can take advantage of CVS on Sheridan Road.

“I didn’t do a whole lot of grocery shopping since we don’t have much storage in freshmen dorms, but I liked having snacks on hand,” said sophomore journalism and photography double major Michen Dewey.  “I lived in Mertz, and CVS across the street was very convenient and cheap if I ever needed something quick.”  

CVS is also a pharmacy and stocks school supplies and toiletries.

Whole Foods (6009 N. Broadway and 30 W. Huron St.)

Whole Foods specializes in healthy, organic products. It recently opened a new location near Lake Shore Campus (LSC) in April, but it also has a location near Water Tower Campus (WTC).

Whole Foods takes pride in its quality standards on products, according to Whole Foods Team Member Specialist Nick Obis.

“We strongly support the health and well-being of the community, and our foods have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners,” said Obis.  

Whole Foods offers high-quality products, but Obis said it is competitively priced with other grocery stores in the area such as Trader Joe’s near  WTC and Go Grocer by LSC.

Trader Joe’s (44 E. Ontario St.)

Trader Joe’s is a specialty food store located just a few blocks from WTC.

Junior marketing and information systems double major Riti Bedi said she enjoys shopping at Trader Joe’s because it allows her to get healthier food.

“Trader Joe’s products are GMO- free and often organic,” said Bedi, 20.

Bedi also likes the wide selection of grocery items the store offers.

“They also have a large variety of frozen foods which are easy for quick meals when you’re in a rush or fresh ingredients when you want to make a meal from scratch,” Bedi said.

Devon Market (1440 W. Devon Ave.)

Devon Market is a diverse grocery store that sells specialty, name-brand and exotic items.  

Senior environmental studies and international studies double major Joe Straitiff said he enjoys shopping at Devon Market for its variety of products.

“They have a lot to choose from including Mexican, Asian and Eastern European foods,” said the 21-year-old.

Straitiff also likes the affordable prices Devon Market has to offer and said it’s similar to Aldi, but with higher quality products.

“It’s very cheap, but they have high-quality produce, which works for me because I’m a vegetarian,” Straitiff said.


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