Chicago Street Art

The blog ArtRepublic defines street art as “any art developed in public spaces.” This term is broad and can encompass many forms of art including graffiti, murals, stickers and posters. It is no surprise that Chicago, a culturally and artistically diverse city, is home to fascinating and underappreciated street art. Contributing photographer Andrea Malmquist, a junior Ad/PR major with photography and theater minors, ventured out into the city to find some hidden artistic treasures.




Located off the Morse Red Line stop is Mile of Murals, a segment of the Rogers Park community-based public art initiative. This 10-year project began in 2007 with the goal to paint a full mile of murals along the CTA Red Line. The project will consist of 19 different murals, with new themes and artists selected annually. Shown here is the mural “Chicago: Wind, Sun, and Shine,” created by Jeff Zimmerman.


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A short walk from Loyola’s Water Tower Campus to Oak Street Beach brings you to a thought-provoking mural also developed by Jeff Zimmerman. He developed this mural, “You Know What You Should Do,” in collaboration with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Environmental Protection Agency. The mural is intended to raise awareness on keeping the beach a clean environment.



The Wicker Park neighborhood is known for its art scene. Inhabited by culturally diverse artists and students, Wicker Park is home to hip restaurants, art galleries, music venues, theaters and miscellaneous street art.



Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends this weekend? Choose a Chicago neighborhood and try to find as much street art as you can to document and share online! Most street art is difficult to find because there is no official documentation of it. Keep your eyes peeled! Each neighborhood has unique compositions that you might never see anywhere else. You might be surprised where your adventure takes you.

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