Contributor Correction: Acknowledging Error in Previous Article

I messed up.

Two weeks ago, I wrote an opinion piece titled, “All Lives Matter Refrain Ignores Social, Cultural Problems” that was improperly cited in one section and very similar in wording to a cited Reddit post in another. This was brought to the attention of The PHOENIX editors and then to my attention.

I take pride in my writing and in being a journalist. I never intended to plagiarize. However, that does not excuse the fact that mistakes were made, and the responsibility for that rests solely on me.

For that reason, I am deeply sorry. I do not wish to offer excuses, but only to say that this was an instance of complacent and, quite frankly, poor judgment on my part as a writer.

A wise professor once told me that the only currency journalists have is credibility, and I realize that mine might be spent at this point. However, I am a better journalist than this. And through my reporting during the rest of this year and in years to come, I hope I can earn that currency back.

Matt Boey is a contributing columnist.

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