Security Notebook

Compiled from Campus Safety Reports

Times represent when incidents were reported, not necessarily when they occurred.

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[accordion title=”Tuesday, September 15th @ 9:12pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”yes”]Students reported someone trying to slide a cellphone under the door of a shower stall in De Nobili Hall.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Wednesday, September 16th @ 3:38pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A student reported unauthorized credit card transactions.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Wednesday, September 16th @ 4:26pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A Loyola alum reportedly entered a private event in Corboy Law Center without permission and caused a disturbance.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Thursday, September 17th @ 1:56am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Students reported a man standing outside of Fordham Hall causing a disturbance. Campus safety issued him a verbal trespass warning.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Friday, September 18th @ 12:59am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Several reports were made of a man punching a woman outside Regis Hall. The man was not affiliated with Loyola, but the woman – his girlfriend – was a Loyola student.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Friday, September 18th @ 2:53pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A staff member at the Granada Center reported the theft of an electronic tablet that was stolen sometime during the month of August.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Saturday, September 19th @ 11:25pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Three people were issued a verbal trespass waring and escorted out of the parking garage at The Flats at Loyola Station.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 20th @ 12:34am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A loud noise complaint was made at 6324 N. Magnolia Ave. Thhis was the second complaint at this address this year.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 20th @ 2:52am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Two students climbed the construction scaffolding to get to the dome of the Cudahy Science Hall.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 20th@ 3:39pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A person reported seeing an individual selling drugs in the Lawson parking lot (18 W. Chicago Ave).[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 20th @ 11:25pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A non-Loyola student was found in Mundelein Center after hours. He claimed to be a Loyola student, but it was later determined that he was a friend of a Loyola student.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Monday, September 21st @ 1:36am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A fake ID was picked up and turned in to Damen Student Center’s lost and found.[/accordion]


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