Security Notebook

Compiled from Campus Safety Reports

Times represent when incidents were reported, not necessarily when they occurred.

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[accordion title=”Tuesday, September 22nd @ 5:10pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”yes”]A student reported being harassed by someone soliciting business at an off campus location.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Wednesday, September 23rd @ 5:44pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A Loyola staff member reported a minor vehicle accident in the main parking structure.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Thursday, September 24th @ 2:35am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]An officer issued a verbal no trespass warning to a suspicious person found in Regis Hall.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Thursday, September 24h @ 4:38pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Officer responded to a fire alarm in Marquette South. The sprinkler system activated, causing extensive water damage in the room.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Thursday, September 24th @ 7:55pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Officers responded to a report of suspicious individuals on an upper floor of the Flatts at Loyola Station. Officers found nobody.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Friday, September 25th @ 12:21am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A loud noise complaint was made at 6230 N. Kenmore Ave. those involved were cooperative.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Friday, September 25th @ 2:10am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Bar 63 turned in two fake IDs that had been confiscated from students.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Saturday, September 26th @ 1:25am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Officers responded to a call for a possibly intoxicated student in Campion Hall.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Saturday, September 26th @ 9:31am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]CPD was requested to file an accident report for a car accident that involved a Loyola student and employee.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Saturday, September 26th @ 11:14pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Officers responded to a noise complaint at 1256 W. North Shore for the second time this year. Those involved were cooperative.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 27th @ 1:43am” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]Officers responded to a call for a possibly intoxicated student in Simpson Living and Learning Center.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Sunday, September 27th @ 2:12pm” icon=”linecon-icon-lock” state=”no”]A students’s wallet was allegedly stolen on the red line.[/accordion]


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