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Fashion Forecast: Fall 2015

We’ve just wrapped up an incredibly warm September and although it’s sad to say goodbye to summer, I’m ready to embrace fall with open arms. A season change means one thing first and foremost: an excuse to buy new clothes. The best part about walking around campus these days is seeing students trade in shorts for sweaters, sandals for boots and sunglasses for scarves.

So with autumn underway, here is a fashion forecast, with the tips and trends you’ll need to look your best this fall.





I love a good gray knitted sweater just as much as the next person, but this fall, it’s about branching out from the typical autumnal color scheme. Creams and soft pinks seem unexpected yet refreshing from the traditional brown and grays we’re used to wearing this time of year. Another choice is red, which can provide a pop of color that’s necessary for any season.



A huge trend is the throwback to the ‘70s. The best way to achieve this look without coming off like a total hippie is incorporating suede and fringe into your wardrobe. By pairing a suede skirt with the big sweater you’ve been dying to break out, you’ll be comfortable and trendy at the same time. With fringe, a little goes a long way. Try looking for boots or bags with a fringe element, because when it comes to fringe, less is more.

The menswear trend is also popular for women this fall. Structured jackets are almost always flattering and can dress up even the simplest pair of jeans. The more tailored it is, the more polished you’ll look.


Let’s get down to the point: What are those major must-have items you need? Easy — a cape scarf. Throw this blanket-esque piece over anything, whether casual or dressy, and you’ll instantly look chic.

A floral dress is another key piece. Yes, it seems like an odd choice, but with that ‘70s trend still in full swing, you can never count out floral. Try a dark floral dress that can easily be paired with a leather jacket or layered with a cardigan.




Like women, men are not limited to the obvious color choices of navy, black and gray. Step out in softer tones like caramel, olive greens and even brighter blues such as cobalt.

Trends and Pieces:

Every year, the coat you choose is the most important part of your fall and winter wardrobe. Similar to last year, this year’s trend is all about a longer coat with a tailored collar. This, like it does for women, will dress up a pair of jeans or be perfect over suit pants at an internship.

Never has activewear been so popular. Sporting your favorite sneakers with a pair of dark denim or joggers, the athletic version of a chino, is a trend that is here to stay. Celebrities like Kanye West have mastered the art of looking athletic and stylish at the same time.


Knowing what you need for fall is only half the battle. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what you’ve got to work with. You might be surprised what treasures you already have. Here’s to your most stylish fall yet.

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