Rambler Response: Are You Getting A Flu Shot This Year?

IMG_3728 Stephen Rodney, Senior, 21, Communication Studies

“I believe in getting the flu shot, but for me it’s a lack of taking care of myself.  I know I should get it but I just don’t.” 





IMG_3729 Taren Vonder Heide, Senior, 21, ad/PR

“I used to get the flu shot but then I got sick one year from it.  Now, I just try to take vitamins and hope for the best.”





IMG_3732 Connor Lane, Junior, 20, Film and Digital Media

“I’ve gotten the flu shot in the past but in college it’s hard to find time.  i think it’s important for people to educate themselves on flu shots.





Tessa Boukal, Sophomore, 19, Sports ManagementIMG_3733

“The only time I got the flu shot I got sick, so it’s not for me.  I do think it’s necessary for the elderly, children and those who are sick.” 





 Nick Kaczkowski, Junior, 20, Psychology

“I’m for getting the flu shot.  I actually just got it last month.  There’s no point not to.  It won’t harm you.” 

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