Men's Volleyball

Men’s Volleyball Players Drop New Rambler Anthem

Loyola’s men’s volleyball players Nick Olson and Ben Plaisted dropped a Rambler rap that might surpass “LUC Trap” in popularity.

Olson and Plaisted, who call themselves “2 Yung ‘Blers” released the song “I’m a Rambler (Rambler Things),” accompanied by a music video which is almost as creative as the song.

The lyrical geniuses includes the line, “just like Drake, we do it back-to-back.”

But be warned — the chorus includes a beat that can get stuck in your head all day. The duo raps, “I’m a Rambler. I do Rambler things with my Rambler arms and my Rambler wings.”

So, what do you think? Should 2 Yung ‘Blers release a full mixtape or should the national champions stick with volleyball?

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