From the Editor's Desk

From the Editor’s Desk


This week, I have been completely lacking inspiration, creativity and motivation. School work, encroaching midterms and the heavy news weeks Loyola has had lately have taken a lot of energy out of me. My personal life and the realization that I should be more concerned about my impending professional life have been on my mind, making it hard to concentrate on the here and now. Because of all of this, I’m tired.

But, thankfully, my staff is not.

They work harder than most students I know and are on the job around the clock. They work with a passion for journalism and a passion for helping Loyola students get the information they should. My staff is a support for this school, and my staff members are a support for me.

The community of The Phoenix staff has can be found on any part of campus. It reminds me of the bonds I had last year working with the Mixed Heritage Union board and the ones I made my freshmen year on the seventh floor of Regis as part of the Leadership Learning Community.

When I talk to friends from high school who decided to get their degrees from larger state schools, I truly understand the value of community at Loyola and among Loyola students. I understand how lucky I am to have a group of coworkers who are more than just a group of people I work with. I understand how lucky I am to be able to have people to go to when I want to talk about being mixed race. And I understand how lucky I am to have leadership connections across campus and best friends who have been with me since the seventh floor.

There has been some conflict between students, faculty and administration this year, and there is still a lot to work on at this university. But I just want to take some time to thank Loyola for bringing me the connections that have not only helped me get through college, but also made it worthwhile.

This August, I’ll be moving to Dallas to start law school. I’ll leave Chicago and Loyola behind and I’m not sure I’ll leave it better than when I started. The one thing I know I helped to improve while I was here is community, and it’s the main thing I’ll take with me (you know, aside from my possessions and a bachelor’s degree). This place has been my home, and the people have been my family. So for all your faults and things you need to work on, thank you Loyola, for making my college experience full of community, whether you fostered it or I found it here myself.

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