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Match The Iconic Movie Houses

Have you ever wished you could live in a Hollywood mansion? When I’m rich and famous some day, I’ll tell you what it’s like.

But for now, we rely on the big screen to show us luxurious mansions or quaint cottages that make our dorm rooms look like prison cells. In light of our Special Issue, I’ve come up with a “homey” game. Guess which pictures go with the movie clues. If you get them all right, then you win a house.

Just kidding, I can barely afford tuition, nonetheless give you a house.

Answers at the bottom. All photos courtesy of


1. Cameron Diaz is one of the stars and she plays a 30-something woman who hasn’t cried since she was 15 years old. Jude Law plays the most handsome widower to ever grace the big screen. The movie is similar to the show Wife Swap except it’s less weird.

2. I dressed as the Southern belle  from this movie for Halloween in 2004 (think cupcake-shaped dress, huge green bow and curly hair). The movie is more than six hours long, but it’s worth every minute. In the end, the lead male just doesn’t “give a damn.”

3. You probably will never forget this classic house, but the lead character does because she has Alzheimer’s. The lead actress is a former “Mean Girl” and the lead actor has proven his ability to make every woman on the planet swoon. The movie is based off a book written by a man with way too much romance eroticism built up inside.

4. This house is located in a northern Chicago suburb. “Keep the change, you filthy animal.” “Look what you did, you little jerk.”

5. This house looks like a Disney mansion, but the movie takes place in 1920s New York. I read this book my junior year of high school (as did most high schoolers looking to pass American literature). Toby McGuire (aka Spiderman) is the narrator.

6. If you say the name of this movie three times, the title character will come haunt you (or just try to take you as his devil bride). Winona Ryder portrays a moody teenager (as she does in most of her early movies). Gina Davis and Alec Baldwin play ghosts, but they’re not the ones to be afraid of.

7. This movie came out before Shia Lebouf went crazy (post-Even Stevens, pre-rabid-dancing-in-a-Sia-music-video). Lebouf’s character begins spying on his neighbors while under house arrest. The title of the movie is also the title of a famous Rihanna song.

8. This movie airs on TBS for 24 hours one day each year. This movie taught us to never accept a “triple dog dare.” On the title holiday, the family eats at a Chinese restaurant.





1. E (The Holiday) | 2. A (Gone with the Wind) | 3. H (The Notebook) | 4. F (Home Alone) | 5. G (The Great Gatsby) | 6. B (Beetlejuice) | 7. C (Disturbia) | 8. D (A Christmas Story)

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