UPass Now Available to Summer Students

The Department of Student Development will offer summer transit access for students enrolled in at least six credit hours, beginning in summer 2016.

The UPass, which usually has to be manually reloaded once the spring semester ends, will be activated over the summer for $98 for qualifying students.

“Students have to be registered in a combined six credits during the summer months [to qualify],” said Bryan Goodwin, director of Student Centers. “It doesn’t matter what section those credits are taken in, as long as they total to six.”

The idea to allow summer CTA access for students on campus has been on Goodwin’s mind since he started working for Loyola in 2007.

“Every year, more and more students ask me about summer UPass,” he said. “We finally conducted a survey on student opinion on the matter and the response was resoundingly positive.”

The survey results Goodwin and his department received revealed that 95 percent of students were on board with summer transit access.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity,” said Pia Molina, junior international studies major. “It’s great to have the option considering so many people are on campus during the summer.”

New and transfer students will have to create a new pass through the school, while currently enrolled students who qualify can expect their passes to be automatically activated.

“I’m really jealous they’re rolling this out now,” said Veronica Krysa, a senior marketing major. “A lot of people in the School of Communication and in Quinlan take summer for-credit internships that require them to be downtown, so this is a great thing for people who would pay $100 every month otherwise.”

In order to qualify, students must to enroll in at least six credits of summer courses by June 13, but online classes are excluded. Charges will be made to students’ LOCUS accounts, and the passes will be effective May 23 to Aug. 12.

“By our calculations, the summer pass could benefit 1,500 students,” Goodwin said, based on the number of students who were enrolled in six credits of summer courses during the summer of 2015. “We’re not closing the door on offering a pass for students only taking three credit hours either — we’re just testing the waters.”

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