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Behind The Scenes Of Linklater’s New Film ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’


In 1993, Rick Linklater brought us back to the ‘70s with Dazed and Confused. On April 1, he brings us the ‘80s with Everybody Wants Some!!, a movie that shows the lives of college students from the 1980s over the course of three days.

In the film, Jake (Blake Jenner) is a freshman baseball player who learns about college life through his teammates. With his teammates McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin) and Bill Autrey (Will Brittain), Jake goes to parties, plays baseball, meets girls, goes crazy and enjoys every moment of it.

The Phoenix had the chance to sit down and chat with Jenner, Hoechlin and Brittain about their rehearsals, the filming of the movie, playing baseball and their favorite moments on set.

For the rehearsals and filming of the movie, the actors lived in Linklater’s farm in Austin, Texas, for about three weeks.

“We were doing everything together — breakfast, rehearsals, milking the cows, cuddling when we had nightmares,” Jenner said.

Called the “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused, the movie was created the same way.

“We had our three weeks of rehearsal to try different things, play with different things,” Hoechlin said. “Once we found what we liked the best, what Rick called our ‘greatest hits,’ then that’s what we went to set prepared to do because that’s what we liked the best.”

But Everybody Wants Some!! doesn’t follow the plot of Dazed and Confused; it’s a movie that stands on its own.

“The only similarity between the two is the fact that they’re both timeless,” Jenner said.

That timelessness is evident throughout the film, with authentic ‘80s disco music and dances, parties, competitions, jokes and witty conversations. All of these characteristics have the ability to attract millennials and parents of millennials alike.

Hoechlin said he hopes millennials will see that some things don’t change with time.

“I think that hopefully they can see that even going back to 1980, everyone goes through the same things. Everyone has the same insecurities,” he said. “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

Brittain mimicked Hoechlin’s sentiment, adding that college students today have some things to learn from students of the past.

“I hope that millennials look at this and know that we aren’t supposed to be on our phones all the time and [on] social media,” Brittain said. “Hopefully people can see that you can have a good time hanging out with your pals and chilling.”

The movie encourages viewers to have a good time and be there “for a good time, not a long time,” which is a line from the official movie poster.

A “good time” is shown in the dancing scenes, in which Jake and his teammates dance to disco and country music. Jenner said he really liked the disco dancing rehearsals.

“We had a really, really fun teacher. She was [short], but she was, like, so energetic, so excited, and she was there both [in] rehearsals and on the day of the shoot,” he said. “So she was dancing with us, keeping our spirits high.”

Apart from disco dancing, the movie also features professional college baseball. Hoechlin, who was a professional baseball player, didn’t have to train for the movie, but Jenner and Brittain did.

Baseball in the ‘80s had a different style, so Brittain said they had to made sure they were throwing the ball correctly.

“We all can throw a ball, but being a legitimately college pitcher, it’s hard to fake it,” he said.

Baseball fans or not, audience members will laugh, dance along, reminisce about the ‘80s and enjoy every moment of  Everybody Wants Some!!, in theaters now.

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