The "Kleenix"

Protesters Get Potty-Mouthed

Approximately 75 students gathered on the West Quad  March 30 to draw attention to Loyola’s use of low-quality, single-ply toilet paper in all on-campus venues. Chants included “Can’t concentrate in class because of this pain in my [explicative],” and the call-and-response “What do we want? Two-ply. When do we want it? Now.”

This protest, organized by Students for Wipe Equity (SWE), was the product of more than two months of planning, according to SWE spokesperson Hugh Rumpness, 20, a junior bioinformatics major. A circulating petition demanding higher-quality toilet paper collected more than 150 signatures and will be delivered to Loyola’s administration as early as April 10.

Sophomore Lynn Heiney, 19, gave a personal account of her struggle with the school’s toilet paper during the protest.

“I’ve been living in a dorm for the past two years,” said the art history major and SWE treasurer. “After a trip to the hospital for chronic irritation, my dad has been sending me rolls of toilet paper in care packages. It’s embarrassing that I have to carry around my own toilet paper, and it’s embarrassing that people know me as ‘TP Girl.’ People see me walking down the hallway and beg me for a few squares. Loyola needs to end this injustice.”

Some students, such as junior Carl Putinski, 21, said they felt Loyola’s toilet paper violated the school’s Jesuit mission.

“I feel oppressed by Loyola’s toilet paper,” said the women’s studies and gender studies major. “Making me wipe my posterior with sub-par toilet paper literally flies in the face of everything a Jesuit university should stand or sit for.”

Rumpness agrees with Putinski and claims SWE is working to bring awareness of students’ plight to the right administrators.

“We’re analyzing and re-analyzing Loyola’s power structures to figure out the best way to attack this issue,” Rumpness said. “Just think — there’s no way [Interim President John] Pelissero wipes with this negative-ply toilet paper. He’s probably got four-or five-ply gold-plated wet wipes in his bathroom. This is why tuition is going up.”
The Kleenix asked top-level administrators if the school’s current toilet paper vendor was chosen to reduce costs or adhere to the school’s “environmentally friendly” guidelines, but all requests for comment were denied.

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