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Bittersweet Ramblings From A Graduating Senior

After four years at Loyola and three years as the Photography Editor at the Phoenix, my last Photo Briefs Spread has been published … and you’re looking at it. I’ve decided to honor my home-away-from-home and highlight the spots around campus that bring back the most memories — whether negative or positive.

Thanks for the memories, and cheers to the class of 2016.

Go forth and set the world on fire. (Yes, I know that was cheesy, but it felt right.)

DSC_1624 copy

This is where it all began. This dorm defied all my expectations for a tiny, crappy freshman dorm room with cinder block walls and linoleum floors. I mean, we even had a private bath. Am I saying I would move back into Regis if the opportunity presented itself? Well, I’m not not saying that.

_DSC1628 copy

I’m guessing the Loyola students who remember Rambler Room in all of its late-night-food-cravings-glory are in the minority. The spot in CFSU closed when Damen’s food court opened, but one does not simply forget the mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers eaten there at midnight.

_DSC1622 copy

Ah yes, sophomore year — the year of choosing a dorm by means of a lottery system. My three friends and I convinced ourselves we could totally get one of the, like, five quad rooms on campus, which turned out to be untrue when I had the best number of the group at 473. Needless to say, we split up, and my roommate and I ended up here. No real complaints in the long run, though — we had an oven and plenty of cookie dough on hand at all times.

DSC_1637 copy

I first entered this building for my tier I literature class in August 2012, and I have entered this building precisely 800 million times since then. As a double fine arts major, this place became home to me. From the Mac Labs, to the print center, to the spray room and the drawing studios, it’s safe to say I’ll lose part of myself in this building when I graduate.

_DSC1617 copy _DSC1605 copy

I may not have been able to experience Hamilton’s, which I have been told was legendary, but Bar 63 and the Pumping Company made their way into my heart like every college bar should. Thanks for all the nights I’ll never forget, and all those I already have forgotten.

DSC_1626 copy

When I look back at my years at Loyola, the amount of times I just missed the shuttle as it pulled away from Lake Shore Campus will probably be at the forefront of my memories.


Not going to lie, I never got much work done here. I would plop down in one of those leather chairs with a lake view and pass out in two minutes. Moral of the story: This is the best place I have napped at during my time at Loyola.


Tucked away in the ground floor of Crown Center is none other than the Photography darkroom. I spent long hours in the literal dark trying to complete projects for my film classes. This place and I never really got along great.

_DSC1614 copy

Dear Green Element Resale, thanks for having my back with everything from my apartment’s first couch to the countless thingy-ma-jigs I needed for art projects.

_DSC1639 copy

The year I began working for The Phoenix was the year administration decided to move our office to the basement of the School of Communication (from its previous location in CFSU). Since I’ve always lived on the Lake Shore Campus, I’ve never loved the commute, but this place has undoubtedly become one of my favorite spots on campus. There’s nothing quite like doing something you like to do in the presence of people you like as well.

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