Loyola Phoenix

Capturing the Community

The Phoenix teamed up with Jamason Chen’s photojournalism class (COMM 207) to showcase friends and neighbors for the People’s Issue.

Naperville native Conor Moran works at Felice’s, a Roman-style pizza restaurant in Rogers Park entirely run by Loyola undergraduates.


Max Temkin, one of the founders of the Cards Against Humanity, stands in his office space’s theater


Natalia, 68, is a lifelong Rogers Park resident who recently obtained Lunch, the parakeet. “He got his name because I saved him from being lunch,” she said.


Senior nursing student Katie Kuranty takes a break from being a lifeguard at the Halas Pool. The 22-year-old has seven years experience as a lifeguard in Downers Grove.


Loyola student Emma Donnelly, 22, befriends a butterfly at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park. Emma was a camp counselor at the museum this past summer and hopes to eventually work as a wildlife educator for children in museums like this one.
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