City Winery opens River Walk Location

One year ago, I was gallivanting in Rome stuffing my face with delicious food and sipping exquisite wines. Thanks to Facebook memories, I’m constantly reminded of these adventures, which feel both as if I experienced them in a different life and that they happened only yesterday.

Before I start crying from my reminiscing, I’ll get down to the point: the new City Winery installment (11 E. Chicago Riverwalk) brought me back to Italy (minus the airfare costs) with a simple yet elegant wine tasting on June 7.

The night featured live music, free wine sampling and small bites such as pesto and mozzarella bruschetta. The creamy feta cheese that I wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto created a mix of flavors that exceeded my expectations for a simple buffet. Although the food certainly impressed my taste buds, the wine was the star of the show.

IMG_5141A designated wine connoisseur helped my friend and I taste a variety of red wines that are brewed at the City Winery on Randolph ($12 for one glass). We were delighted with a heavy and oaky pinot noir, which had a deep cherry flavor, but the Syrah won our hearts. I would’ve guessed that, since my friend and I are new to the alcohol game, we enjoyed the Syrah because it had a lighter flavor and wasn’t weighed down by a lot of alcohol. But the wine connoisseur said Syrah was also his favorite so I’m going to assume that my friend and I just have very refined and elegant palettes.

Besides the reds, we tried a rosé ($11 for one glass), which many people at the event seemed to enjoy. This wine was also lighter, but tasted more watery. If it weren’t for the light sting of alcohol, then I could have been fooled into thinking the rosé was simply some watered down fruit punch.

The simple event held on the river walk was the most elegant way I could have spent a Tuesday night. The new City Winery location brought me back to the cobblestone streets of Rome, where I gazed at tourists and sipped on fine wine. If I ever need to reminisce some more about my Roman adventures, or I simply need to relax with excellent wine, City Winery will be my place of choice.  

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