Chillin' With Dylan

Chillin’ With Dylan: Sports Bring People Together

I wanted to name my column ‘Netflix and Chillin with Dylan,’ but I figured the title would turn you away like that phrase does in real life. ‘Chillin with Dylan’ will have to do.

14102049_1027721394011181_1583843382_n.pngI’m one of two new assistant sports editors at The Phoenix. To be honest, I have no idea what will go down in this column over the next couple months. My opinions on sports are usually unpopular and pessimistic — but often right (just saying). Maybe that’s due to my Chicago upbringing. There hasn’t been much in the Windy City to brag about lately minus the Blackhawks.

This column may not always be deep or serious, but I do want to get the point across that sports can be more than just fun and games.

Look at the racial, socioeconomic and religious tensions plaguing our country and the world. You won’t find them on the court. When the football is sailing into double coverage, for a fleeting moment, all of those problems disappear. When the goalie dives to block the penalty kick, for those few seconds it’s as if those problems never existed. In the heat of that moment, nothing else matters. It’s just you and your team.

We just witnessed the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Amidst all the struggles and differences the world faces, almost everyone found and celebrated common ground: athletics.

The reason is because sports can bring out the best and worst in us. Then again, maybe sports are a microcosm of life.

I’m a philosophy major, so maybe I’m just overthinking the meaning of sports. You be the judge.

I want to bring to light my co-assistant editor, Henry Redman. If there’s one thing I hope we can agree on, readers, it’s that there’s nothing more annoying in the world than a Cleveland sports fan. Cleveland sports fans are the kids on a road trip who ask, “Are we there yet?” and want to go to the bathroom once you pass the rest stop. All they do is try to delegitimize other fanbases’ struggles. Chicago has been an embarrassment sports-wise lately, and the fact that Cleveland is worse doesn’t alleviate any pain. Nobody cares about your championship drought, Redman. The Cubs have waited twice as long.

Readers, you’ll learn more about me this year. You’ll certainly disagree with me at times, and I welcome any and all debate. Both love notes and hate mail can be sent to my Loyola email; I’ll reply to all of it. In the meantime: Bear down, and Go ‘Blers.


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