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Redman’s Ramblings: Cleveland is the Real Victim

Welcome to my column, Redman’s Ramblings. I’ve been a sports fan my whole life. Most of you might not like my teams, though. I’m a Packers, Indians and Cavaliers fan.

Redman Ramblings LogoI was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio — the mistake by the lake, the land, CLE, the 216. I was brought into this world in 1997, also known as the year the Indians blew it in the World Series, and I suffered until this summer. As Bane said to Batman, “I was born in the [losses]. I was molded by them.”

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves, how is this guy from Cleveland a Packers fan? That is a fantastic question, readers. I’m a Packers fan because my dad hails from the land of cheese. So don’t worry, I didn’t just jump on the bandwagon to avoid the Browns.

I have some major problems with Chicago teams in all three professional sports. The White Sox are my Tribe’s division rival, the Bears ruined Brett Favre’s return to Lambeau on Thanksgiving among many other things and Joakim Noah once said in an interview that he hates my city.

I believe a lot of things about sports. I believe Jozy Altidore is the worst soccer player in the history of the U.S. national team. I believe June 19, 2016, was the best day of my life. I believe Steph Curry is overrated and Jay Cutler is a cry baby. Above all, I believe my teams are better than yours.

My co-assistant sports editor Dylan Conover said he’s pessimistic about his favorite sports teams because there isn’t much to brag about in the Windy City. I think he’s full of it.

What does Conover have to complain about? The ‘85 Bears, Jordan’s Bulls, the Blackhawks dynasty and his very own 2005 White Sox. How is that not something to brag about? In the 52 years between titles in Cleveland, Chicago sports hoisted 11 championship trophies. Get over yourself, Conover; you aren’t even a Cubs fan.

I’ve got a lot of opinions and I’m going to share them with you. Go Pack Go, Roll Tribe, #ALLIN216 and Go ‘Blers.

P.S. Dylan, how are the White Sox doing this season?


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