Thousands of Anti-Trump Protesters Converge at Trump Tower

Thousands of protestors marched through Chicago in response to the election of Donald Trump as the country's next President.

Less than 24 hours after President-elect Donald J. Trump made his acceptance speech, thousands of angry protesters marched through Chicago shutting down roads and blocking the entrance to Trump Tower.

The protesters split into different groups over the course of the more than six-hour march, with some staying near Trump Tower while others stopped traffic on Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue. The PHOENIX was with protesters at the Wabash Avenue Bridge for part of the night. See how the demonstration played out in @PhoenixLUC tweets below:

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Nader is a senior pursuing dual degrees in broadcast journalism and sport management. He grew up in Lombard, IL, meaning he has suffered through being a Chicago sports fan his entire life. But hey, the Cubs just won the World Series, so it was worth it.

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