VIDEO: Son Gives Father a Surprise of a Lifetime With World Series Trip

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For 20-year-old Justin Escalona, sports are a way to bond with his father, Emmanuel. The two have attended more than 100 Cubs games together.

Being a lifelong Cubs fan is an emotional rollercoaster, but this season has seemed like a dream for the team’s fans, who haven’t seen a World Series title in more than a century.

On Oct. 27, Justin partnered with “Seat Geek,” a New York-based ticket search engine for concerts and sporting events, to give his father a once-in a-lifetime opportunity. Justin, a Palatine, Illinois, native, flew home from the University of Southern California to surprise his father with tickets to Game 3 of the World Series.

Justin, who is pursuing a career in film and acting, said his mother, Magalys, helped him coordinate the surprise. When Justin showed his father the tickets, Emmanuel became speechless and overcome with emotion.

Justin recorded the entire experience, from leaving Los Angeles to attending the first World Series game held at Wrigley Field since 1945. Although the Cubs lost that game 1-0 to the Cleveland Indians, Justin said the experience was everything he and his father dreamt it would be. He said the game was electric and felt like it was something “out of a movie.”

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