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Up Close and Personal With Tivo

From the far end of the hallway, Joan Holden, interim director of Loyola’s Wellness Center, peaked her head out of her office.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

On cue, Loyola’s beloved therapy dog trotted out of the office.

It was Friday, nearing the end of the work day, but the 9-year-old black labrador’s excitement to greet people hadn’t dwindled.

“Tivo is a very loyal friend, and he loves working at Loyola,” Holden said. “He loves coming to work in the morning, and that’s something I find really endearing.”

Holden was there as Tivo was certified as a therapy dog, and introduced Tivo to the university in 2010. In the beginning, he lived in Campion Hall with Father Justin Daffron. After Father Daffron left the university, Tivo moved in to Holden’s home.

Tivo is still the university’s dog, but he goes home with Holden to her family in the suburbs — which includes another dog, Stanley — every night and weekend. Tivo also occasionally accompanies Holden on trips to the family farm.

“He’s just a big part of our family at home … everyone is involved with Tivo,” Holden said.

The same is true of his presence on campus.

Tivo has quite the social media following with nearly 1,200 likes on Facebook and more than 400 followers on Twitter. He is best known for his appearances at Talk with Tivo, a daily, hour-long opportunity students have to spend time with him at various locations around campus.

“He is great comfort to the students that visit him, that follow him on Facebook, that follow him on Talk with Tivos,” Holden said. “I really do think he’s made a great impact on those students who like Tivo and follow him.”

As Holden spoke with The PHOENIX, the sun went down outside the window of her office. Tivo seemed to be prancing with excitement.

Holden said it was because he knew when it was time to head home for the day, but he also can tell when it’s time to go to work in the morning.

“He understands. He can tell time, so he’ll start looking at me … like right now, he knows it’s time to go home,” Holden said with a smile.

Tail wagging, booty shaking and all, Tivo was ready for a nice weekend at home.

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