John Mayer Releases New EP

John Mayer released “Wave One,” on Jan. 20, the first in a series of EPs for his latest musical project, “The Search For Everything.” Mayer plans to release more new music in waves throughout the year. Eventually, the EPs combined will compile an entire, probably substantial, album.

Mayer dropped his single “Love on the Weekend” on November 2016. Two months later, he put out three more songs: “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” “Changing” and “Moving On and Getting Over,” and together, the four songs make up “Wave One.”

With an almost country feel, and a whistled melody line, “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” follows a similar style to that of Mayer’s 2012 album, “Born and Raised.” “Changing” is a sweet rock ballad, and “Moving on and Getting Over” resembles material similar to Mayer’s “Continuum,” which has the same jazzy, funk style very distinctive to Mayer’s early music.

Mayer seems to be taking full advantage of simplicity in his music. The lyrics are sweet and repetitive, and the music is not overly complicated. In “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” the song lacks a bridge but has a very pretty, flowing piano accompaniment. The same could be said for “Changing,” until the song builds to a signature Mayer guitar solo, full of jazz riffs.

Overall, his new music shows promise that “The Search For Everything” could put Mayer back on top. Many think his musical career peaked with “Continuum,” but his bluesy, gospel-style ballad “Gravity” continues to be a signature piece. Although he’s experimenting with his sound and style, fans sometimes seem to be stuck in the past, although they remain loyal. The hope is that Mayer proves these critics wrong, and shows his fans that “The Search for Everything” can have the same musical brilliance as “Continuum,” if not more. He seems to be heading in the right direction and growing more as an artist, and hopefully he continues to raise the bar with the rest of “The Search for Everything.”

As he slowly releases the rest of his project, Mayer will also tour (dates and times TBD). He plans to solo tour before and after the Dead and Company summer tour, which runs May 27- July 1. Tour info can be found at

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