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Netflix Offers Hidden Gems


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching “Orange Is the New Black”, “Gilmore Girls” and “The Office” just as much as any other Netflix user. But if you need some search bar inspiration that’s a little bit off the beaten path, then this list of movies and TV shows is for you.

“Schitt’s Creek” (2015)

Although this series is new to Netflix, its third season premiered last month on Pop TV. I must say that I have been watching this show since its first season premiered in the United States. This Canadian comedy follows the story of a wealthy business man and his family who suddenly find themselves broke. They are forced to trade their home and luxurious lifestyle for a dingy motel within the city limits of their only remaining asset: Schitt’s Creek, a town they once purchased as a joke. Adapting to life and relating to the locals in Schitt’s Creek proves to be more difficult than this posh family of four ever thought possible. Think of it as Canadian “Arrested Development,” only better.

“Lovesick” (2014)

No one likes to think about sexually transmitted diseases, but the thought of having to inform your exes about it is even more terrifying. Joined by his best friends Evie and Luke, this British comedy follows Dylan as he is forced to relive his past encounters. To complicate matters, Evie has been harboring a secret crush on Dylan for years and has now moved on and become engaged. Are you tired of watching unrealistic and overly dramatic Nicholas Sparks movies? During the “month of love,” “Lovesick” is there to remind you that your personal life could always be worse.

“Santa Clarita Diet” (2017)

I decided to try out this new Netflix original one night and the next thing I knew I had binge watched just about the whole first season. Starring Drew Barrymore, “Santa Clarita Diet” follows married real estate agents, Sheila and Joel, and their daughter Abby. They are just an average suburban family except for one thing; Sheila is an undead “mombie” (mom zombie) who needs to eat their neighbors. Don’t worry if you aren’t into the recent trending zombie shows. Once you get past the initial blood and guts, you’ll be hooked on this off-the-wall comedy TV show.

“Goon” (2011)

Watch the hockey comedy that has the Loyola women’s club ice hockey team screaming, “I bleed for my team!” “Goon” follows a ridiculously strong bouncer, Doug, who is recruited for the local semi-pro hockey team for his fighting skills. Doug becomes his team’s enforcer, picking up just enough hockey skills to get by. Although Doug doesn’t have the book smarts that his family does, he develops a newly found passion and sense of belonging routed in the sport of hockey. “Goon” is definitely not the next “Miracle,” but it exemplifies what it means to be a loyal teammate.

“Burt’s Buzz” (2013)

Calling all documentary film nerds out there. You might be familiar with Burt’s Bees chapstick and personal care items, but did you know that the man depicted on the company’s label is real? Hat, beard, bees and all, Burt Shavitz leads a simple life despite his complex relationship with his famous company. “Burt’s Buzz” inspires its viewers to question the values of the businesses they take for granted and to always remain true to themselves.

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