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Redman’s Ramblings: Distractions from the Winter Sports Black Hole

Is anyone else bored? Because I am.

The sports world is in a lull.

The Super Bowl was 17 days ago, the College Football Playoff was 44 days ago and the World Series was 112 days ago. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is in 20 days, MLB opening day is in 39 days, the Stanley Cup playoffs are 49 days away, the NBA playoffs are 52 days away and even The Masters — the sign that spring is officially here — are 43 days away.

I know some people might be interested in midseason NBA and NCAA basketball, but I just can’t work up enough interest in either until the postseason.

After a year of unbelievable finishes, it’s hard to muster up the enthusiasm to watch any old regular season game. Sports fans, we’re going to have to get creative finding that fix of suspense and tension that only a championship atmosphere can provide.

Maybe we can go outside and enjoy nature, but it’s cold outside. The Bassmaster Elite tournament — a fishing competition — at Lake Okeechobee runs Feb. 23-26, so we can watch other people enjoy the great outdoors.

If Forrest Gump and Balls of Fury are your two favorite movies, then I’ve got something for you. The Westchester 2017 February Open is on Feb. 25 in Pleasantville, New York. The Open is a table tennis tournament. Cash and prizes up to $5,400 will be given away.

In eSports, the League of Legends (LoL) season is in full swing. On March 3-5, the sixth week of the LoL season is taking place. Over three days, 30 matches will be played between 10 teams, including a matchup between the first and third teams in the standings, Cloud9 and FlyQuest.

If fishing, table tennis or eSports aren’t your thing, maybe we can get extreme this winter. The 2017 Banana Open is on Feb. 24-26 at the Wanda White Mountain resort in Jilin, China. The Banana Open is a snowboard slopestyle competition between 24 snowboarders competing for a $120,000 prize.

The World’s Largest Chili Eating Championship is on March 4 in College Station, Texas. Most people only get into Major League Eating on the Fourth of July to see Joey Chestnut eating an ungodly amount of hot dogs in 12 minutes. But professional eating competitions are an all-year event and you can watch professional eaters chow down on up to 2 gallons of chili in six minutes.

California Department of Fish and WildlifeDean Rojas is a professional angler on the BASS master tour California Department of Fish and Wildlife

If we really want to get creative, in Richard Deitsch’s column on the sports media, he had a fantasy draft of the 30 best sports studio hosts. I’m down to put $10 on a league if any of you are. My first pick would be Scott Van Pelt of ESPN.

If we just push through this lull in the sports universe for a little bit longer, eventually we’ll have some excitement to watch.

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