Rogers Park Residents Oppose Proposal to Build Target Store

McKeever Spruck | The PHOENIX49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore presents plans for new development in Rogers Park — including a new Target store — at a community meeting.

Some residents of Rogers Park expressed anger about a proposed mixed-use development at 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore’s community meeting Jan 30.

The proposed development is called The Concord at Sheridan and would sit adjacent to the Caroline Hedger Apartments near the intersection of Devon Avenue and Sheridan Road, which houses senior citizens, according to the 49th Ward website. The development would include a new community room, green space, housing and a “flexible format” Target store.

But, some  community members are concerned that the development would hurt small businesses and cause disruptions to traffic in the area.

Flexible format Target stores cater to locally relevant needs, according to Senior Development Manager for Target Lori Jones. Chicago has three flexible format Target stores in Streeterville, Lincoln Park and Hyde Park, according to Jones.

Flexible format stores are smaller than traditional Target stores. The proposed one would be 23,000 square feet. The Target store in Uptown, at 4466 N. Broadway St., is about 200,000 square feet, according to Jones.

The Chicago Housing Authority and Three Corners Development agreed to a contingent lease in fall 2016.

Jones, along with Alderman Joe Moore, President of Three Corners Development Christopher Woods and Chief Development and Construction Officer for the Chicago Housing Authority Diana Liu, presented at the meeting.

The building is expected to have seven floors: one for retail and six for mixed-income housing, according to Woods. The mixed-income housing space will have 111 units, Woods said, and 65 of the units will be designated as “affordable” housing. The remaining 46 units will be market-rate priced, according to Woods.

A detailed site plan showed how the space would be used; there is space for a Target store, a new community space for residents of Caroline Hedger and a second retail space.

Some residents of Caroline Hedger Apartments said Moore made them feel ignored.

Victoria Stoll, 70, has lived at Caroline Hedger since 2012, and she said residents told Moore at a meeting last week that they didn’t want the Target to be built.

Stoll said she felt pessimistic about the outcome of the meeting because some residents wanted to see the land developed into a senior center instead.

“I don’t believe this meeting is going to make one iota of a difference,” said Stoll. “There’s less and less regard for anybody’s voice. All [the city] care[s] about is money.”

Loyola junior Angelo Kelvakis said he attended the meeting to learn more about the proposal and support local businesses.

“I would hate to see a large corporation come and take business away from smaller businesses,” said the 21-year-old environmental science major.

Junior environmental science major Olivia Helms said she wanted to learn more about the proposal.

“I want to make sure I’m fully committed to the right side and I understand both sides of the situation,” said the 20-year-old.

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13 thoughts on “Rogers Park Residents Oppose Proposal to Build Target Store”

  1. The area surrounding the intersection of Sheridan and Devon Avenues is already a traffic nightmare, with bottle necked roads at almost any time of day that are increasingly dangerous for everyone. The construction of a Target store at the intersection will intensify the chaos, creating new traffic headaches and putting students, seniors, and other residents at increased risk of traffic injury or death. What’s more, the elimination of the parking lot on the proposed site will create more congestion and exacerbate the already treacherous task of finding a parking space in the area.

  2. In 2006, Alderman Joe Moore led an unsuccessful charge to pass the Big Box Ordinance, which would have required all new big box retailers to pay a living wage. More than ten years later, Alderman Moore has abandoned this commitment to working people. Now, Alderman Moore no longer believes that a living wage is “relevant” to any discussion of wage fairness. Alderman Moore has not required Target to allow union labor in the planned Rogers Park store, not can the Alderman secure a guarantee from Target to hire even a single Rogers Park resident. What’s more, the Target will be in direct competition with the neighborhood Jewel-Osco, which is unionized and employs scores of Rogers Park residents in its store.

  3. Even the mere proposal of the Target has local businesses reconsidering their future in Rogers Park. Devon Market has stated that it may have to close shop if the Target is built. Morse Market is planning a significant renovation and expansion, but that investment may be put on hold if the Target is approved. Together, these grocers employ twice as many working people as the Target is estimated to hire. Many other local businesses have expressed grave reservations about the future of their enterprise if the Target store moves into Rogers Park. We must not let a big box retailer run out of the neighborhood small businesses that have thrived for decades.

  4. The proposed location for the Rogers Park Target sits on public land administered by Chicago Housing Authority. The location currently houses a senior community center and a parking lot. There is no reason that a big-box retailer should anchor any development on this property. Instead, the community should decide together how best to use this public land, whether it’s an expanded community center or another project that would benefit Rogers Park as a whole instead of an out-of-state corporation. If there is an overwhelming benefit to the community to use public land for private profit, that should be a decision made by the community, not behind closed doors by Alderman Joe Moore.

    1. A community forum at Living Water Community Church to discuss the
      incoming development on Devon and Sheridan led by Three Corners
      Development. We will go over our concerns and open up the floor for the
      community to discuss what is the best use of this prime public land in
      Rogers Park by the lakefront.

      Doors open at 6:30 PM!

      – Target will hurt small businesses
      – Public land for public use like affordable housing. Not land grabs from seniors!
      – Development disrupts the Caroline Hedger seniors lives
      – Increase traffic and congestion on already busy intersection
      – Need for more resident feedback and process!

      Refreshments and beverages will be provided by our local businesses!

      If you need transportation assistance, please call 773-769-3232 x14 or email at

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