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Twitter Account Parodies Basketball Coach

What has two sleeves and a front row seat to every Loyola men’s basketball game? Head coach Porter Moser’s jacket. The infamous clothing item, which takes the brute of the Moser’s stress and constantly takes a beating by being thrown behind the team’s bench after bad calls or missteps during basketball games, is now speaking.

The parody account on Twitter, @PortersJacket, which began as a joke between two Loyola alums, has created an outlet for Rambler fans to connect online. The account is the persona of the jacket, waiting to be thrown off in Moser’s recognizable fits of frustration. The account creators, both of whom graduated from Loyola in the past five years, have decided to keep their anonymity to reduce distractions.

The admins said the account was born out of necessity and love for the team and Moser.

“A few games into the season, we both realized there wasn’t a really fun social media presence for Loyola fans to rally around,” said one of the account owners. “We wanted to be a presence that could make students and alumni laugh no matter how big a basketball fan they are.”

The pair created the account in January 2015 and have since generated a following of more than 500 followers, an unexpected outcome given the fact a suit jacket doesn’t have thumbs — as the account’s bio attests.

Porter’s Jacket has been mentioned on ESPN and is the go-to account for men’s basketball game updates served up with a side of sarcasm.

“If we can give our players a moral boost by tweeting a fun graphic to them, or get fans interested in games by making memes, we’re going to do it,” the creators said.

Moser, who inspired the account’s creation, said he’s well aware of the account’s existence.

“I’m not sure who runs the account, but I’m guessing it must be a Loyola student or alum because they are pretty knowledgeable about the program,” said Moser. “I get a kick out of it because the comments are usually entertaining and I appreciate how positive the posts are.”

The account has created an award for the most dedicated Ramblers fans. Although no one can top Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, the “jacket junkies” are announced every Monday. The select students are chosen based on their tweets and interactions with the account.

Prior to Loyola’s game against Wichita State on Feb. 12, Porter’s Jacket tweeted an idea for students. The account asked students to wear suit jackets and take them off when Moser removed his. The first two rows of the students section followed the account’s instructions and showed up in khakis and suit jackets with ties.

In a surprise turn of events, Moser didn’t take his jacket off in the game against the Shockers until late in the second half, but when the inevitable moment came, the jacket junkies flung their jackets in the air. The next generation of Loyola men’s basketball superfans created its identity, and plan on consistently showing up to games in their jackets. As for the account, the admins said as long as there is Loyola basketball and a charged cell phone, the parody account will continue to pester opponents and cheer on the team.

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