Loyola Shuttle Bus Drivers Terminated Following Argument

McKeever Spruck | The PHOENIXMV Transportation, the company that provides Loyola's intercampus shuttle service, fired two drivers for misconduct following an argument at Water Tower Campus on March 21.

Two Loyola intercampus shuttle bus drivers have been terminated following an argument last week that ended with one driver in police custody, according to MV Transportation — the company which provides the university’s shuttle and 8-RIDE services.

The drivers, both male, started a verbal fight during a shift change about 5 p.m. at the Water Tower Campus shuttle pickup location outside of Corboy Law Center on March 21, according to Manager of Campus Transportation Nick Memisovski.

One of the drivers then called the Chicago Police Department, and an officer arrested the other driver.

Officers released the driver shortly after the incident, Memisovski said. He said the driver was arrested because the other driver insisted on pressing charges on him.

“It looks like [the altercation] was unrelated to work,” Memisovski said. “It’s an unfortunate thing.”

Memisovski said the incident didn’t involve any Loyola students or faculty.

“[The drivers] were suspended and removed from service pending the outcome of the investigation,” wrote MV Transportation spokesperson Nikki Frenney in an email to The Phoenix. The drivers were then notified of their termination by MV Transportation on March 28.

Memisovski said this is the first time this has happened at Loyola.

Loyola sophomore Jonathan Garcia said he was on the shuttle when the incident occurred. He said he noticed about five police officers near the shuttle when he boarded it after class. One of the drivers was arguing with an officer and a second driver was being questioned by several officers, Garcia said.

“[The officers] started searching [the second driver’s] pockets. The shuttle driver just had his hands up and they were searching his pockets and pulling everything out,” the 20-year-old marketing major said.

Garcia said he was unsure what the driver was arguing with the officer about and didn’t see the whole incident.

“The next thing I know, [the officers] just start handcuffing [the second driver] and all the cops start surrounding him,” Garcia said. “Everyone on the shuttle was sort of freaking out, like what’s going on, why are they arresting him?”

Soon afterwards, a female shuttle driver took over the shuttle ride, according to Garcia.

Memisovski said the incident did not cause any delays and won’t affect the availability of shuttle drivers.

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