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Top A&E Clubs to Explore During 2017-18 School Year

Courtesy of AcaFellasThe Loyola AcaFellas is made up of 12 male Loyola students.

As you’re moving in and preparing for classes, things may seem stressful and overwhelming at the start of the new school year. To combat some of the anxiety of a new school year, The Phoenix has compiled a list of clubs and organizations on campus that engage arts and entertainment. If you want to find a way to be involved, here is a partial list of some of the most popular art groups at Loyola.


AcaFellas is the only all-male, 12-member acapella group on Loyola’s campus. If you enjoy singing harmonies to classic songs, it would be a good idea to audition for this group this fall. If you think your voice makes people’s ears bleed but enjoy listening to others perform, make sure to look for the upcoming concerts this school year. Their ten-minute auditions will be held in Damen 214 on Aug. 31 from 7-9 p.m. or Sept. 2 from 1-4 p.m. Auditioners are asked to prepare a verse and a chorus from a non-theater song, and be ready for some pitch-matching exercises. Email for more information on auditions, meetings and performances.

The Silhouettes

Similar to AcaFellas, The Silhouettes is an all-female acapella group, consisting of roughly 10 members. Focusing on pop, rock and jazz, this group takes acapella music a step forward by including original choreography and musical arrangements. They perform at least twice a semester and include fun themes in their shows. During Halloween in 2016, the girls collaborated with AcaFellas for a production called “Stranger Sings.” The Silhouettes also use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter regularly, so be sure to look up their social media sites for any upcoming events, or email them at

Diminuendo & Cadence

Diminuendo & Cadence is Loyola’s only literary arts magazine on campus. This group collects various artwork from students, including poetry, photography, short stories, paintings and graphic design. The magazine club usually meets once a week to discuss and critique the messages behind Loyola students’ submissions. A few works are shared at the organization’s end-of-year launch parties, such as last year’s event which provided free food and poetry readings. If you have any questions on submissions, critiques or club meetings, send a message to

Clay Club

It’s possible to wheel-throw your own mugs or hand-build your own vases right on campus. This club is great for students who want to get involved in the art of clay-making. With a large studio and a spacious glazing lab where students can coat their clay works with various colors, the club teaches and guides its members in the process of making and painting their works. Clay Club meets every Sunday and Tuesday night and asks for committed attendance. There are limited spots with a specific sign-up process, so be sure to get more information by emailing

Classics Club

This organization is especially popular with those who enjoy ancient Greek and Roman language, history and philosophy. Here, those interested learn a lot about classical antiquity in amusing ways. At a regular meeting, members could be discussing important literature, watching classic movies, attending plays and operas in the city or even holding events on campus to educate fellow Ramblers on the Classics. Email for more information.

45 Kings

Whether you are talented at improvisation or just like to laugh, 45 Kings is a unique group to consider. The troupe creates its own work and holds multiple shows and competitions throughout the school year, on and off campus, so make sure to look out for upcoming events. If you’re interested in auditioning to be a part of the crew, send a message to 45kings@, or check out their funny Facebook page, full of hilarious videos and strange photos.

Loyola Art History Club

Similar to Classics Club, this organization yearns to educate Loyola students about art history in an entertaining way. Not only does the group meet often to discuss different artistic eras and works, the club often keeps its members updated on events going on in Chicago and holds speeches by graduate students or professionals. One event called Slow Art Day included meeting at the Art Institute of Chicago and spending a considerable amount of time observing a few selected works. For more information about the club, email loyolaarthistoryclub@ or like the Facebook page for frequent updates on events on campus and throughout Chicago.

NVUS Scorch Dance

Among the various dance groups at Loyola, this one stands out. Consisting solely of girls, NVUS Scorch Dance performs at numerous events on and off campus, such as at basketball games and at Relay for Life. If you have a passion for hip-hop dance with a group of highly talented college students, shoot a message to Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester, and rehearsals are usually once a week for a few hours.

The Fall 2017 Student Organization Fair will be held in the Gentile Arena from 3 – 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 30. Attend the fair to get more information on all organizations, auditions, upcoming shows and other ways to get involved.

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